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Shinji Hirako (平子 真子

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1 Shinji Hirako (平子 真子 on Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:44 am

Toushiro Hitsugaya

十番隊隊長 Jūbantai Taicho

Shinji has jaw-length blond hair with a straight cut and many of his facial expressions reveal his upper teeth, a trait also seen in Nnoitra Jiruga. He wears a standard Karakura school uniform, though he usually wears a gray long-coat, shirt and tie, a newsboy cap (though he commonly forgoes wearing the coat and cap). Shinji appears to have a pierced round ring in the middle of his tongue.

When he was a captain, his hair was very long, reaching down to the lower part of his back. He wore the standard Shinigami robes with a standard captain's haori.
edit Personality

Shinji is somewhat comical, adding a bit of levity to situations that are otherwise serious. He has a flippant attitude under normal circumstances and seems to like annoying his associate, Hiyori Sarugaki, which usually earns him a slap from one of her sandals. She, in turn, shows him absolutely no respect and frequently insults and attacks him; although he is no better, frequently making faces or quick insults at her expense. He also appears to have a history of referring to cute girls he meets as his 'first love', complete with a deadpan look on his face despite the obvious lie (he apparently never did this with Hiyori, further annoying her). He also apparently enjoys listening to jazz music, as he had a phonograph that played his vinyl records in his days as a Captain.

Underneath this, though, he is quite perceptive in terms of regarding other people, and during his time as a captain, was one of the few people who appeared suspicious of his then-lieutenant Aizen, and could apparently sense or see through some of his illusions. He also quickly notes parts of Urahara's personality. Aizen even admitted to being somewhat intimidated by him. Whenever angered or in combat, Shinji is fairly calm, serious, and level-headed. During a conversation with Ukitake, it was implied that he had been a long-running captain. However, he is not included in Shunsui Kyōraku's list of captains from 100 years before (now 200 years before, because that was said during the Pendulum arc).
edit History
Shinji with Sōsuke Aizen, his lieutenant.

Approximately 110 years ago Shinji in his capacity as the 5th Division captain was seen getting ready to attend a captain's promotion ceremony and greeting his lieutenant Sōsuke Aizen upon his arrival. Shinji questioned Aizen's sense of fashion upon seeing that he was only wearing his standard Shinigami robes, prompting the two to start a debate of the necessity of wearing different clothes considering the event. When Aizen commented on the music Shinji was listening to, Shinji explained that it was jazz and it was all the rage in the world of the living at the time. The two made their way to the First Division Headquarters to attend the promotion ceremony. Upon the doors opening Shinji was surprise attacked by lieutenant Hiyori Sarugaki of the 12th Division, though she was soon reprimanded by captain Love Aikawa of the 7th Division. When Shinji finally gathered himself he began to taunt Hiyori enraging her even further. As the group proceeded inside Shinji asked Love what the head count was looking like for the ceremony, to which Love responded that almost everyone was already there. Shinji stated that he saw that no one from the 11th Division had shown up. Love explained that was the Eleventh Division's Captain's way, as he did what he wanted. Shinji replied by saying just because he was the 10th 'Kenpachi' no one had the guts to keep him in check. He went on to say that he couldn't understand why they let such a loose cannon like him become captain. Love tried to ease him explaining that there was no use getting upset over it, as the chosen 'Kenpachi' had always held the position of the 11th Division captain. As it was a sort of legacy and it would not change any time soon. Love went on to say that if Shinji wanted to complain about anything then he should complain about the fact that the previous Kenpachi's ineptitude made it possible. The two captain's conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the 8th Division captain Shunsui Kyōraku being accompanied by his lieutenant Lisa Yadōmaru and 13th Division captain Jūshirō Ukitake. Shunsui accused the two of gossiping behind others backs. Shinji then bore witness to the conversation between Shunsui and Ukitake about who had been captain the longest and what had happened to the previous 12th Division captain Kirio Hikifune. He made note that they were going through captain's quicker than toilet paper.[1] Shinji was later seen waiting in line with the other captains as the newly appointed 12th Division captain Kisuke Urahara arrived to the meeting. He was noticeably unimpressed at the demeanor and first impression Urahara made at his promotion ceremony.[2]

Later the following night he approached Urahara and told him why Hiyori was giving him problems as she had looked up at her previous Captain as a mentor and a mother-figure. Shinji continued by giving him advice on how best to go about being a captain. He then remarked to Urahara that he could tell he wasn't the type who did what other people told him anyway, so it didn't matter what he said. Either way Shinji explained that he felt Urahara was the same kind of man as like him, so he should just meddle in his own business. While leaving Shinji asked, "How long do you plan on watching us from over there". Using his hand Shinji revealed Aizen concealed behind some form of camouflage, Aizen complimented his captain and asked him when did he realize he was there, to which Shinji replied "When you were still in your momma's womb"[3], he then ordered Aizen to follow him. Aizen then commented on how scary a person Shinji was, to which Shinji replies that he was the scary one.[4]
Shinji during his time as a Captain

9 years later , Shinji and Aizen were walking around the Seireitei when they came across Urahara, Hiyori and 3rd Seat Mayuri Kurotsuchi. While Shinji once again engaged in a childish fight and argument with Hiyori, Aizen asked Urahara if he had heard the news to which Urahara tells him he hadn't. Shinji proceeded to take up the tale and told Urahara about the series of strange deaths that had taken place in Rukongai. Shinji also informed him that the 9th Division had been sent to handle the investigation.[5]

Later that night Shinji was dispatched with Love Aikawa, Rōjūrō Otoribashi, Hachigen Ushōda, and Lisa Yadōmaru to investigate the disappearance of Rukongai residents, captain Kensei Muguruma and the members of his division by captain-commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.[6] Upon arrival at the investigation sight Shinji fended off what appeared to be a Hollowfied Kensei from attacking Hiyori, who had been sent there to collect samples by request of the 9th Division.[7]

With the arrival of the rest of the investigation squad, they pondered whether the creature was actually Kensei with Shinji stating that he didn't know if it was Kensei but that if they didn't draw their swords they would be as good as dead. After Kensei let out a loud roar Shinji picked up Hiyori and backed up, he then watched as Love proceeded to engage Kensei in battle.[8] When Hiyori pleaded with them to stop fighting because it was Kensei she began to cough. Shinji told her to be quiet as they had to stop him especially if it was Kensei[9] When a Hollowfied Mashiro Kuna appeared behind Rose and attacked him, Shinji called out to her so that her attention would be directed at him. Mashiro proceeded towards Shinji and attacked him but he blocked her. He was assisted by the timely arrival of Hachi who used Bakudō #75. "Gochūtekkan" to subdue her. Hachi commented on how fast the others were in getting there. Hachi noticed Love having a hard time fighting a Hollowfied Kensei and used Bakudō #63. "Sajo Sabaku" to restrain him as well. He then asked Shinji what was going on and what had happened to Mashiro and Kensei, but they were interrupted by Kensei breaking free.[10]

As Kensei proceeded to attack the others Hachi used Bakudō #99. "Kin" to finally bring Kensei down. Shinji commented to Hachi that he was impressed that he used a level 99 binding spell without the incantation. Shinji then asked Hachi if he could fix Kensei and Mashiro with Kidō, but Hachi plainly told him that he couldn't if he didn't know what the problem was. Suddenly Hiyori began to cough uncontrollably, Shinji asked if she was alright and told Hachi to start with her first but he was interrupted by Hiyori who began to choke out that she wanted him to let her go. Hiyori then Hollowfied and attacked Shinji with a slash across his chest much to everyone's disbelief. It was then that a darkness falls around the rescue squad and they were attacked by an unseen assailant. Shinji was the only one conscious after this and upon the darkness lifting he saw the assailant to be Kaname Tōsen, Muguruma's 5th seat. Shinji asked him how could he betray his captain, it was then that Shinji's attention was caught by the arrival of Aizen and Gin Ichimaru. Aizen explains that he had not betrayed anyone and that he was very faithful and he had just faithfully followed his orders.[11]
Shinji's Hollowfication begins

Shinji admitted he wasn't as surprised as he let on and Aizen asked if he suspected him and stated that he had expected that much from his captain. Shinji then explained how he knew something was dangerous about Aizen and that he couldn't be trusted. It was for those reasons that Shinji chose him to be his lieutenant and so that he could keep an eye on him. Aizen then told him that he was grateful, as due to his deep seated doubts he didn't suspect a thing. When Shinji stated that he already made it known that he had suspected him, Aizen elaborated stating that he didn't realize that the whole past month, it wasn't Aizen walking behind him. Aizen proceeded to explain the power of his Zanpakutō, Kyōka Suigetsu. Aizen informed Shinji that if he was as close to Aizen as other captains were to their lieutenants he would have been able to see through it by picking up on subtle differences between Aizen and the man acting as Aizen's double. It was his lack of trust that kept them from getting close and as such, allowed Aizen to fool Shinji. He also explained that he could have always refused to be Shinji's lieutenant but decided against that action because Shinji's suspicious nature made the position ideal to carry out his plans. Aizen thus laid the blame for Shinji and his comrades current predicament at the feet of Shinji. Shinji was provoked by this statement and that triggered a speed-up in the Hollowfication process. Aizen thanked him for being so easily provoked and makes a note of the observed connection between Hollowfication and agitated emotions.[12]

Shinji asked Aizen what Hollowfication is but Aizen refused to speak on it any further. He then ordered Tōsen to finish them and after Hiyori was attacked, Shinji faced off against Tōsen. Shinji stated that he did not know what was going on but he assumed that noting had gone exactly as planned just yet. He then remembered that Aizen said agitation speeds up the process, so he resolved to remain calm and level-headed. He began to battle Tōsen beating the traitor back. Shinji continued to battle and soon gained the upper hand sending Tōsen crashing into the ground. But before Shinji could continue the fight the Hollowfication process advanced further and incapacitated him.[13]

Just as Aizen was about to finish off Shinji, captain Kisuke Urahara and Kidō captain Tessai Tsukabishi of the Kidō Corps, appeared and saved him from destruction. Aizen, Gin and Tōsen made their escape and Tessai used Forbidden Kidō to preserve and transport the rescue squad to the 12th Division barracks. In his lab, Urahara tried to reverse the process using his created item, the Hōgyoku.[14] Unfortunately, it ended up as a failure, not having the desired effect Urahara expected.[15]

The next day, Urahara and Tessai were arrested under the orders of the Central 46 Chambers. The Hollowfied Shinigami were sentenced to execution as hollows. However, before any of their sentences could be executed, both were rescued by Yoruichi Shihōin, who brought them to a secret underground area.[16]

In the secluded area, she had also brought Hachi and the other Hollowfied Shinigami, along with the prototype for the new Gigai that Urahara was working on. With that epiphany, Urahara resolved to make ten Reiatsu-blocking Gigai to aid him, Tessai, and the eight victims escape to the real world, where they hoped to find a way to undo the Hollowfication process.[17]
edit Plot
Bount arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Shinji is briefly seen standing on the top of a telephone pole in Karakura Town. He descends towards the town, similarly to Rukia Kuchiki when she first arrives at Karakura Town.[18]
Arrancar arc
Shinji, with his Zanpakutō, reveals his true nature to Ichigo.

Shinji appears floating upside down in the sky above Ichigo Kurosaki as he talks to Orihime Inoue and Yasutora Sado after he has dispatched a Hollow.[19] Shinji disguises himself as a student at Ichigo's school and formally introduces himself the following morning to the class by writing his name backwards on the blackboard, saying that he is very good at doing things backwards. He then introduces himself to Ichigo and sits next to him, saying that they should get to know each other.[20] Later that night when Ichigo goes off to fight another Hollow he meets Zennosuke Kurumadani, the Shinigami sent to replace Rukia. Shinji approaches him from behind and proceeds to attack him, to which Ichigo blocks and notices that it is Shinji. He then asks if it is a Zanpakutō that he has and who he really is. Shinji tells him to be quiet as with spiritual pressure like his he can't afford to lose his composure otherwise he will be found out easily. Ichigo asks him to whom he is referring to which Shinji ask if he needs to tell him everything or is he unable to find out on his own.[21] He then makes note of the arrival of some hollow because Ichigo wasn't cautious of the level of his spiritual power, though Ichigo is more concerned with who Shinji really is. Frustrated with Ichigo's concern for the unimportant Shinji dons a Hollow Mask and then asks Ichigo if he knows what it is, to which a greatly surprised Ichigo answers that it is a Hollow Mask. Shinji confirms that it is and also confirms that he has a Zanpakutō with a Hollow Mask. Shinji then explains that he is a Shinigami who has crossed into the realm of Hollows, he then plainly asks Ichigo to be friends with him as he is a Vizard the same as Ichigo. He then asks that Ichigo join them as he doesn't belong with the Shinigami.[22]

Their conversation is interrupted by an unbelievably strong spiritual pressure from some unknown person (Isshin Kurosaki) that neither Shinji nor Ichigo can readily identify. Ichigo goes to find the owner of the spiritual pressure, much to Shinji's surprise as he asks Ichigo where he is going as they are not done talking yet. Ichigo tells him he refuses his offer as he doesn't care who the Vizard are, but he doesn't want to be part of it because he is a Shinigami and is definitely not one of them. After Ichigo leaves Shinji's cell phone rings and he tells Hiyori Sarugaki that he has failed in his mission to recruit Ichigo, which prompts her to yell at him though he calmly tells her not to yell as it is only a matter of time and they will wait.[23] The next morning Shinji shows up at school and greets Ichigo as if nothing happened the previous night. When Orihime greets Shinji he goes to give her a hug, causing a small altercation from some of her male classmates at what they perceive to be him making unwarranted advances. Ichigo grabs Shinji and pulls him outside so that they can talk. Ichigo yells at him for appearing at school after he said no to his attempt to recruit him. Shinji plainly tells him that he isn't going to give up after only two days, he tells Ichigo that he is very persistent and he will continue to bug him until he concedes. Shinji then explains that it is too late anyhow as once your a Vizard you're always a Vizard, so whether Ichigo likes it or not he is already one of them. He goes on further to state that all of his friends maybe his friends now, but if he continues on as a Shinigami he will slowly be devoured by his inner hollow until he loses his mind. Shinji then asks Ichigo if he has noticed as the Inner Hollow has begun to get stronger at an unimaginable rate. He tells Ichigo to come with as he will help him keep his sanity.[24]

While walking home Shinji is attacked from behind by Hiyori. She then smacks him with her sandal and yells at him for not succeeding in his mission. The two are then interrupted by the arrival of Orihime and Chad who were searching for Shinji. When Orihime asks who Shinji is and what he wants with Ichigo Kurosaki, Hiyori answers stating that Orihime didn't think they would actually tell them.[25] Hiyori introduces herself to them and they reply doing the same. Hiyori then voices her envy of their name's meanings compared to hers and Shinji's and the looks of Orihime compared to her own, even going as far as reaching for her sword and saying that she would just have to kill them as the conversation has become pointless. She is however quickly grabbed by Shinji who runs far away from Chad and Orihime with Hiyori over his shoulder. All the while she screams and argues with him causing him to punish her in a very uncomfortable way. Hiyori eventually calms down and admits that she hates humans and Shinigami. Shinji tells her that he already knows that that is why he was the one that went to enlist Ichigo and told her to wait.[26]

When Ichigo decides to finally show up at the Vizard's warehouse, Shinji admits he is surprised at how Ichigo could have found them considering how bad he is at sensing spiritual pressure, he then admits that they purposefully allowed their reiatsu to leak to make it easy for him. Ichigo then tells him he has no intentions of joining them, he only came to "use" them to help him control his inner Hollow. Shinji asks him how he plans on doing that and Ichigo tells him by force as he leaves his body and proceeds to attack Shinji who counters his attack and the two begin to battle. Eventually Hiyori attacks Shinji knocking him away and through a nearby wall. Hiyori then tells Ichigo how this situation is really going to play out as she proceeds to battle him.[27]

He witnesses Ichigo's inner Hollow nearly choking Hiyori to death, he, as well as the other Vizard, quickly restrain Ichigo before he can kill her. Shinji then uses the tip of his Zanpakutō to break off what is left of Ichigo's Hollow Mask, stating that example of Ichigo's power was sufficient enough, he then asks Hiyori if she has any complaints though she is too terrified to answer. Shinji then tells Ichigo that one's inner hollow is not something that one can subjugate with his mind, body or a simple thought. But he assures Ichigo that since he passed the test they will pound the "Hollow Suppression Technique" right into the core of his very soul.[28] Shinji waits around with the other Vizard as Ichigo does some training on an exercise machine, using her training techniques on his own. He gets into a minor argument with Hiyori over boiling hot water. Ichigo becomes irritated with using the work out machine and throws it at Hiyori who blocks herself with Shinji.[29] Shinji then tells Ichigo that Hiyori's exercise machine is the the basis of his future training as they decide the level of his future training determined by how long he can keep going while using it. He further explains that they will teach him how to govern his hollow when he is able to use the machine for three days straight. Ichigo becomes irritated and yells at Shinji as he believes the Vizard already know what he is capable of and that he doesn't need to use the machine as he can exceed its required use. He then goes on to say that all of this is pointless as he doesn't have the time to play and lay around. Shinji yells at him to shut up, he then tells him that he has gotten quite big for someone who doesn't know how long the Hōgyoku takes to awaken. This surprises Ichigo as Shinji tells him that he knows nothing of the Hōgyoku or Hollowfication so he should stop his complaining. Ichigo asks him how he knows about the all of that to which Shinji explains he knows all about the Hōgyoku, the Arrancar and Sōsuke Aizen and that he has known for many years. Shinji comes close to Ichigo and puts his hand up to his face and tells him that the story will have to wait for another time and states that he thinks its time to let Ichigo's soul spend some time getting used to their methods, he then makes note that Ichigo has attained Shinigami powers, Shikai, and Bankai with incredible speed. Ichigo questions how Shinji knows all this, but Shinji simply says that Ichigo is right and speeding up teaching him Hollowfication might be better for him. Ichigo then passes out and Shinji has Hachigen Ushōda erect a double dislocation barrier around the warehouse. He then tells an unconscious Ichigo that in a short while he will become a full hollow, he ask Ichigo not to get devoured by it and that he must consume him otherwise if he is swallowed up in there it is all over for him.[30]

Shinji later goes with the other Vizard down into his underground training area. Shinji then tells Hachi to put up a barrier down there too. Hachi is noticeably confused to which Shinji quips don't act dumb as there is nothing cute about an old man saying "Ehhhh". Shinji also has him bind his legs and arms to which Hachi uses Bakudō #75. "Gochūtekkan".[31] He bears witness to Ichigo's transformation into a Hollow, warning the others that it has come.[32] After Hachi erects a barrier around Ichigo and Lisa Yadōmaru goes into fight him. Shinji tells her not to kill Ichigo and she responds that its assuming that he doesn't kill her first.[33] Shortly after her fight Lisa asks Shinji how much break time they get, he mentions to her that since there are eight of them total in the rotation, ten minutes times 8 people would equal to eighty minutes. Though he is shortly corrected by Hiyori and corrects himself stating that it would be seventy minutes.[34]

Eventually Ichigo's Hollow form begins to rupture. Shinji looks on when Ichigo defeats his inner Hollow and gains control over his body. Shinji has Hachi bring down the barrier so that he may go and talk to him as Ichigo passes out. Shinji asks him how he is feeling to which Ichigo responds that he does not feel too bad.[35] Later, while Ichigo is training Hachi comments on how Ichigo hasn't really extended the duration as he can barely maintain his mask at all. Shinji tells him that its not that simple. When Hachi becomes alerted when he detects someone has slipped inside his barrier, the other Vizard are also taken by surprise. Orihime Inoue then shows up and is revealed to Hachi and the other Vizard to be the culprit. They are shown to be quite shocked to see that a simple human could perform such a feat.[36] Shortly after Orihime leaves the other Vizard question who she is until Shinji tells them, causing Kensei to become mad that Shinji knows her. Shinji tells them that she is his first love. Lisa reminds him that he says that to all the cute girls and has even once said it about her.[37] Later on shortly after eating, Shinji asks Hiyori how the training is coming along to which she says it isn't going too well as Ichigo is nothing special.[38]
Shinji dons his Hollow Mask against Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Upon the arrival of the Espada in the world of the living, Ichigo senses the presence of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and proceeds to rush off to fight him. He is held back by Kensei Muguruma and Love Aikawa but Shinji tells them to let him go.[39] Shinji later pursues him and saves both Ichigo and Rukia Kuchiki from Grimmjow's Cero attack after Grimmjow defeated both of them. He makes note that he hates getting involved in Shinigami fights, but concedes that when one hears the sound of fighting so close by one just can't ignore it. When Grimmjow asks him who he is Shinji tells him it doesn't matter and Grimmjow proceeds to attack him. Having a small discussion with Grimmjow, he is then suddenly attacked by the Espada, who declares his intentions of killing him. Dodging all of the attacks, Shinji realizes how violent Grimmjow is and the fight is destroying everything around them. Thus, Shinji dons his Hollow mask much to Grimmjow's shock as Shinji engages the Espada. Shinji tells Grimmjow that he is sorry but he seems strong so he can't take it easy on him, as he prepares to fire a Cero at the Espada. The blast sends Grimmjow hurtling to the city below. Shinji then tells him that he knows the Espada minimized the damage of the Cero by hitting it with his own. An enraged Grimmjow pulls out his Zanpakutō and begins to release, but Ulquiorra Cifer comes and retrieves Grimmjow before he can do so.[40]
Hueco Mundo arc

Mashiro Kuna brings in a package and Shinji is annoyed as he realizes Ichigo has left to Hueco Mundo leaving the Vizard with only a word: "Thanks".[41]
Fake Karakura Town arc
The Vizard prepare for battle.

Around the same time when Sōsuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru, Kaname Tōsen and the top three Espada invade the fake Karakura Town, Shinji reminisces about how Kisuke Urahara became a captain and how the Vizard were subjected by Aizen's Hollowfication experiments. He then claims that they are in debt to Urahara and also have a score to settle with Aizen. Afterwards, Shinji and the rest of the Vizard leave their compound, armed and ready for battle, simply saying: "Let's go."[42][43]

Shinji and the rest of the Vizard later arrive at the fake Karakura Town, just when Aizen and his forces begin to gain the upper hand and confronts the latter with his usual grin. Shinji asks his fellow Vizard if there is anyone in the Gotei 13 they would like to speak to and ends up in a short argument with Hiyori, followed by the rest of his team-mates expressing their disinterest in speaking to their former comrades (with the exception of Lisa, who flash steps away to see Captain Shunsui Kyōraku).[44] Shinji then approaches Yamamoto to greet him, to which the captain-commander asks if he has come for revenge. Shinji plainly tells him that against Aizen, "Yes." As for the Gotei 13, he could care less; if he was mad at the Gotei 13 it would be for "making the barrier around the fake Karakura Town so hard to get through." He also points out that if he hadn't found Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe outside the barrier, he and the Vizard would still be outside. Yamamoto then asks Shinji if he is right to assume they are allies, to which Shinji tells him that it's too obvious they aren't. They are not on the Gotei 13's side, but they are against Aizen and they are Ichigo's allies.[45] He returns to the other Vizard who ask him if he is done talking. He simply replies "No," but that now is not the time as the enemy is growing impatient.[46] The Vizard then proceed to bring forth their masks when Fūrā spews forth a huge amount of Gillian-class Menos from its mouth.[47].
Shinji confronts Aizen.

As the rest of the Vizard engage in battle with the Menos Grande, Shinji confronts Aizen face to face and tells him that "it's time to finish this," as he partially removes his mask, he attacks Sōsuke Aizen.[48] Unfortunately, his attack is blocked by Kaname Tōsen, who manages to make a small cut above his left eye. When he was about to receive another attack from Tōsen, Sajin Komamura steps into the battle, saying that he has decided to help the Vizard and that "[he] won't accept a no as an answer". [49] While the Gotei 13 and the Vizard are fighting the Espada, Shinji is engaged in a fight against Gin, which is abruptly stopped after Aizen attacks Harribel and calls Gin and Tōsen off.[50]
Shinji yells for Ichigo.

Shinji appears near Hiyori and tells her and the others that it would be best not to be too quick to go near Aizen, explaining that with Aizen's ability one would be done for before it begins if they don't have a plan in mind. Hiyori tells him that they know that much, but Shinji tells her that he is specifically talking to her, as he tells her to stand down. Aizen begins to taunt them stating that regardless of what they do the ending will still be the same, as their fates had already been decided. Shinji tells Hiyori not to listen as he is only trying to provoke her. Aizen goes on stating they have nothing more to fear seeing as they all died that night over 100 years ago. This taunt completely sends Hiyori over the edge, enraged she proceeds toward Aizen to attack him, as Shinji yells to her to stop. Before she realizes it Hiyori is cut in half at the waist by Gin Ichimaru's Shikai. Shinji screams to Hiyori and immediately catches as the top half of her falls. Hiyori now fatally injured tells Shinji that she is sorry as she just couldn't control herself. Shinji calls to Hachi but upon realizing that he only has one arm, he instantly remembers Orihime Inoue has healing abilities as he yells for Ichigo.[51]

Shinji while still holding Hiyori stares down Aizen. Aizen comments that he likes the look in Shinji's eyes, as he looks like he has finally awakened after 100 years sleep. Aizen that taunts him and tells him to face him, as he will unsheathe his sword especially for him. Shinji calls to Hachi, telling him that he is sorry as he knows he only has one arm but he needs to take care of Hiyori or at least keep her safe until Ichigo returns. Aizen then asks why he would put his faith in that boy. Shinji simply tells him that he doesn't expect him to understand as he doesn't even trust his own followers. Aizen then explains that trusting someone means relying on them and only the weak do that, therefore its not something that they need. Shinji questions how can he say that with all the followers he has, as he is sure that Aizen has asked them to trust him. Aizen corrects him stating that he is wrong as he never asked them to trust him at all. He told them to come with him, but he has never told them to trust him. In fact Aizen has always told them not to trust anyone including him, though he sadly laments that there are not many strong enough to do that. Aizen further explains that "All creatures want to believe in something bigger them themselves. They cannot live without blind obedience. And to escape the pressure of that trust, those in whom faith is placed in turn look for someone higher them themselves. And then those people in turn look for someone even stronger. That is how all kings are born. That is how all Gods are born. But make no mistake. They all still abide to me. Because from this point onward, you will witness first hand the power of the god they foolishly placed their faith in. I will become that god they have no choice but to believe in."[52] Shinji comments on Aizen drawing his blade, being somewhat surprised that he would do so at all. He then asks Aizen if he is scared, but Aizen remains silent. Shinji then states that there is no point in ignoring him, as no matter how strong he is that he still has to be uneasy. He then quotes Aizen's own words from 100 years ago, about how Shinji had never opened up to him, never told him anything or even tried to get to know him. He then tells Aizen that because of that, he doesn't have a clue what kind of powers his Zanpakutō has. Shinji states to Aizen that if he thought that his Kyōka Suigetsu was the only Zanpakutō with the ability to absolutely control other people's senses, he was dead wrong. He then releases his Zanpakutō, Sakanade. [53]
Shinji slashes Aizen.

The releases of Shinji's Shikai prompts Aizen to comment that its an interesting shape for a katana. Shinji responds that it is great, and he will not lend it to him. Aizen then states that he finds it strange that it does not give off any particular kind of aura. So he questions if he has heard wrong about it being able to control the five senses. Shinji tells him to take another look as it is already changing, as he casually asks if it has a nice scent. He then tells Aizen it is to late and welcomes him to the inverted world. Much to Aizen's surprise, he now appears as though he is standing upside down in mid air. Shinji explains that Aizen's senses have been inverted and moves to attack him while Aizen comments that the ability is interesting, as it causes everything to be opposite. Shinji is surprised when Aizen figures out that forward and backward are opposites as well as he turns around to block Shinji's attack, asking his former captain if he really thought that it would fool him. But Aizen is again surprised as his left arm is cut. Shinji explains that even his eyesight and where he gets cut is reversed as well. He then states that no matter how powerful he is or what Aizen tries his body will always fight by reflex and fall to Sakanade's ability. Shinji goes to attack Aizen again but misses, while Aizen states that he was trying to figure it out what it was and now he sees it is nothing more than an optical illusion. Shinji then realizes he has been cut across his back as he passed by Aizen, which surprises him. Aizen then states that by controlling all five senses Shinji can't even begin to compare to his powers. He then notes once one gets used to it there is no problem as he taunts Shinji, telling him that it was mere child's play.[54]

Shinji watches as Ichigo arrives back in the Human World via a Garganta and attacks Aizen. However, the attack is deflected by a powerful barrier.[55] After some taunting by Aizen, Hirako, who has re-sealed his Zanpakutō, prepares to fight Aizen along with the other unoccupied Vizard and Shinigami in order to avoid Ichigo becoming affected by Aizen's Shikai.[56] Ichigo protests to everyone's decision to protect him, as they have already been wounded in previous battles and them fighting now would be overdoing it. Shinji argues that letting Ichigo fight Aizen alone is overdoing it and that everyone would be angry if Ichigo got killed because of fighting alone. He tells him that the battle belongs to every single one of them there.[57] After Komamura moves to attack Aizen, Shinji asks Ichigo why he did not bring Orihime back with him, as she would be able to heal everyone to help fight Aizen. However, he notices that Ichigo did come back with Retsu Unohana and states that she was likely a better choice for a battle anyway. He then moves alongside Love, Rose, and Lisa to attack Aizen.[58]
Shinji cut down by Aizen, along with Hitsugaya, Kyōraku, and Soifon.

Aizen takes out Komamura, Rose, Love and Lisa, he then begins a fight with Soifon. Aizen moves to take out his Zanpakutō but his sword and arm are immediately encased in ice much to his surprise. Before he can react Soifon stabs him the in the chest with her Nigeki Kessatsu technique. Aizen notes that it is an interesting technique but it cannot harm him. Aizen is then surprised as he is attacked from a shadow. Shunsui reveals himself having used his Kageoni technique, stating Aizen is careless as there is shadow on the ice. Hitsugaya tells Aizen its over and rushes at him. Aizen notes to himself that Hitsugaya is so young, as he sees his chance and takes it without planning ahead. That is his biggest failing. Just then he notices off to the side that Shinji is standing to the side and holding up Sakanade's Shikai and smiling. Aizen then realizes too late that Hitsugaya is not attacking from the front but the back as he is stabbed through the chest from behind.[59] Much to their horror however, Aizen reveals that at some point he switched places with Momo, tricking Hitsugaya into stabbing the innocent lieutenant. Furious at the deception, Shinji demands to know when Aizen cast the illusion, to which Aizen calmly states he has been using an illusion on them the entire time. As Hitsugaya attacks Aizen in a blind rage Shinji and the other captain-level warriors are distracted trying to stop him. Aizen claims they're all wide open and proceeds to strike down Shinji, Soifon, Shunsui, and Hitsugaya.[60] As they fall into the town below Aizen states that he won't kill them and that they are to watch the outcome of this battle.[61]
edit Powers & Abilities

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Shinji is implied to be a powerful combatant, being the unofficial leader among the group and a former Shinigami captain. At one point, when Shinji begins to fight with Ichigo Kurosaki, the other Vizard mention that Ichigo is foolish to battle Shinji proven by the fact that Shinji is not taking the battle seriously (albeit it was also mentioned that Ichigo was holding back, because he was trying to suppress his inner Hollow).[62][63] Shinji is also shown to be able to hold off Mashiro Kuna during her Hollowfication metamorphosis without releasing his sword, although it took some effort.[64] He was also able to fend off Kaname Tōsen while also trying to resist his Hollowfication.[65] Shinji also takes on the 6th Espada maintaining his calm in the face of the destruction Grimmjow brought to the battle, pushing the Espada back with little effort using only his hollow mask.[66][67]

Flash Steps Expert: Shinji excels in Shunpo. His skill is shown to be great enough to easily outmaneuver Grimmjow, the Sixth Espada.[68] As a captain, before he even became a Vizard, he was the first to arrive to save Hiyori even when Lisa had a head-start and all the other Captains left at the same time.[69]

Keen Intellect: Despite his childish attitude at times, Shinji has shown himself to be a very insightful and perceptive man. During his time as captain of the 5th division, he was able to see through Aizen's deceptions and some of his illusions. Even Aizen himself admitted to be intimidated by Shinji's cunning.

Immense Spiritual Power: Being a captain, he must have had enormous spiritual pressure. Being a Vizard, Shinji possesses a dual-type spiritual energy, part Shinigami and part Hollow. He is said to have spiritual pressure that is monstrous.[70]

Sakanade (逆撫, Counter Stroke): In its sealed form, it resembles a normal katana. The hilt and sheath are red and its guard is shaped like an hour-glass.
Sakanade's Shikai

* Shikai: The release command is "Collapse" (倒れろ, taorero).[71] In its Shikai the pommel becomes a large ring that Shinji uses to spin his sword, which may be related to his Shikai Special Ability. The first few inches of the blade are covered by an extension of the hand guard. Sakanade's blade is straight and slim with the tip ending in a slanted razor-like edge instead of being tapered to a point. There are five holes along the swords length.[72]

Sakanade's Special ability

Shikai Special Ability: Sakanade's Shikai ability creates an inverted world. The power is an optical illusion which is caused by the scent the sword gives off upon its release. It inverts an opponent's sense of direction. Shinji describes the release technique as something like a trump card. Up and down, left and right as well as forward and backward are opposite. It is not just the sense of direction that is changed; the opponent's eyesight and where they get cut is reversed as well. Shinji claims that countering the damage from the inverted directions simply by processing it all within the mind is not possible. No matter how powerful the opponent even if one is accustomed to fighting in that particular way, their body will not adapt and will continue to fight by reflex, which causes it to continuously succumb to the power's effect.[73] The effect of the inverted world can be targeted at a specific opponent, making it ideal for use in group fighting.[74]

* Bankai: Not Yet Revealed

Shinji's Hollow Mask

Hollow Mask: Shinji's Hollow mask strongly resembles a pharaoh's mask, with a short, flowing hood hanging down the back of his neck. When donning his Hollow mask, Shinji's sclera turn completely black and his irises become grey.[75]

* Power Augmentation: While wearing the mask, Shinji's Hollow powers supplement his Shinigami powers, giving him a vast increase in both strength and speed.

Shinji's Cero

Cero: Shinji gathers energy that is displayed in a horizontal line at his fist. He then releases a crimson Cero with an extremely wide arc and devastating force. The power of the Cero from a distance is powerful enough to cause grievous injury to an Espada of at least rank six, even at minimal power.[76][77]
Enhanced Strength: While wearing his Hollow mask, Shinji has shown that he has greater strength, which he uses to overwhelm Grimmjow.[78]
Enhanced Speed: While wearing his Hollow mask, Shinji has shown that he can move much more quickly, which he uses to overwhelm Grimmjow.[79]

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