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Kisuke Urahara (浦原 喜助

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1 Kisuke Urahara (浦原 喜助 on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:43 am

Toushiro Hitsugaya

十番隊隊長 Jūbantai Taicho

Kisuke Urahara a tall light-skinned man with messy, light-blond colored (almost pale) hair and gray eyes that are usually shadowed by his hat. He always wears the traditional Japanese wooden sandals (geta) and a bucket hat, which has earned him the nickname "sandal-hat" (ゲタ帽子, geta-bōshi; "Mr. Hat-and-Clogs" in the English dub). He also wears dark green pants with matching dark green shirt and a dark greyish-green coat, having large white diamond patterns along its bottom half. It should be noted that his coat is designed to look like the opposite of a captain's haori (White with black diamonds).

During his earlier years as a captain, he wore the standard Shinigami uniform, the long-sleeved captain's haori, and his geta during his more casual events.
edit Personality

Although he is usually seen as a laid-back, jovial fellow, Urahara also shows a deceptively-different, cunning, and serious side of his personality when the situation demands for it. He commonly uses idle conversation and outward concern as an act to distract his opponents from his true intentions.[2] Despite his care-free attitude, he always speaks politely, but is sometimes sarcastic. Yoruichi Shihōin even notes that he tends to go over the top with whatever he becomes passionate about. He once described himself as a "mere honest, handsome, perverted businessman."

Approximately 110 years ago, Urahara's personality is the direct opposite of what he is today, showing the changes he went through in the human world. During his earlier years as a captain, he is viewed as a nervous, flustered, and quiet person. He is even somewhat unsure of himself and lacks confidence in his ability to be a good leader. In addition, he is commonly shown to be confused with how to deal with his squad and is easily overwhelmed by his lieutenant, Hiyori Sarugaki. Despite being uncomfortable in his role, he seems relatively at ease in his previous position at the 2nd Division Squad. However, he eventually hardens his resolve to take on his role as captain by becoming more serious and determined.

Urahara can usually be found near the scene of an important event, either showing up in time or being a little late, but rarely steps in to intervene, preferring to be in the sidelines. He often tends to know more information about most of the people he's in contact with. Although being a major player, he usually portrays himself as only the catalyst, having others do the work for him.

He also likes building large secret underground training spaces where his first works are located, beneath Sōkyoku Hill in Soul Society and below his shop in the human world.
edit History
Urahara as the head of the Detention Unit.

Before he became a captain in his own right, Urahara grew up at the Shihōin Mansion in the Seireitei of Soul Society, with his childhood friends Yoruichi Shihōin and Tessai Tsukabishi.[3] He joined the Gotei 13 along with Yoruichi, and eventually became the 3rd Seat of the 2nd Division under her leadership. As part of his duties, he also headed the Third Unit of the Onmitsukidō, the Detention Unit.[4]

Approximately 110 years ago the 12th Division captain, Kirio Hikifune, was promoted to the Royal Guard. As a result, Urahara was recommended by then-2nd Division captain Yoruichi Shihōin to take Hikifune's place. Prior to presenting Urahara with the news of the open position, Yoruichi had a sparring session with Urahara at the Sōkyoku Hill training space. She informs him that she had recommended him for the position and retires back to the 2nd Division barracks. Urahara then spent the day wandering around Soul Society, talking with the citizens and playing with the children. During this time he was being spied on by Soifon, Yoruichi's bodyguard. After the day was over, Soifon arrived back at the 2nd Division Headquarters to find Urahara already there talking with Yoruichi, where she was then told that Urahara will be taking the captain proficiency exam, to which Soifon stands in disbelief. Yoruichi confirms it and further asked that Soifon attend the exam as well. She explained that normally only captains are allowed to attend but that she had asked special permission to allow Soifon to attend. Soifon was at first confused about why she should attend but Yoruichi tells her there no need to keep secrets as she knows she was attracted to Urahara, though Soifon denies it, Yoruichi explained that she knows all about how Soifon had been following him around all day. Soifon admitted that she was following Urahara around but tells her it was to prove that he was lazy and slothful and not worthy of Yoruichi's praise. Soifon handed her note to Yoruichi, who reads them and comments on how detailed they were. When Urahara doesn't deny any of the information in the report, Soifon was shocked that he would be so truthful to his seemingly-unprofessional actions. Yoruichi was unsurprised and quips that Urahara never changes and also praises Soifon for her intelligence-gathering skills. At first, Soifon was happy until she realized that Yoruichi had regarded the notes, not as intelligence information but rather as a love letter. Soifon was reasonably distressed and Yoruichi laughs it off and tells her to loosen up as she wasn't serious. They were then interrupted by the arrival of a squad member, who delivers the message that the people Urahara had been looking for have been found, though Soifon comments that if he doesn't return in time, it will put a strain of the 2nd Divisions' reputation as well as that of Yoruichi. Yoruichi simply dismisses it and tells Urahara to hurry off to his duties and tells Soifon to come along to help prepare for his captain's proficiency test. Urahara and his men proceed to a remote area where Shinigami defectors were hiding, Urahara tells his men to wait as he enters the building by himself. He then released his advanced spiritual pressure and single handily defeats all the defectors with only Hakuda.[5]
Kisuke Urahara during his days as the 12th Division captain.

After successfully passing his exam, he became the captain of the 12th Division of the Gotei 13. As for his lieutenant, he inherited Hikifune's lieutenant, Hiyori Sarugaki. Later that day, Urahara formally introduced himself to the 12th Division and to Hiyori. She flat-out tells him that she will not accept him as her captain, slapping away Urahara's hand, surprising him. Hiyori stated that she already can't stand the fact that Captain Hikifune left without prior notice and that they now have to deal with a 2nd Division member as their captain, making note of the the fact that he was Special Forces so he was most likely a sneaky murderer. When the other 12th Division members try to warn her that she was going too far, Hiyori fires back that she was only saying what they were all thinking, though the other 12th Division members refuse to side with her opinion. When she confronted Urahara, trying to get a rise out of him, he simply laughs it off and tells her that he had already been made the captain of the 12th Division. He then explains that he had already made up his mind that the role he will play as their captain and no longer a member of the 2nd Division. Urahara told Hiyori if she had a problem it's hers to change, Hiyori then proceeds to kick him in his crotch, which doesn't affect him at all.[6] Later the following night Captain Shinji Hirako of the 5th Division approaches Urahara and tells him why Hiyori was giving him problems and gives him advice on how to best go about being a captain. He then remarked to Urahara that he can tell he isn't the type who does what other people tell him anyway so it doesn't matter what he says. Either way, Shinji explains that he felt Urahara was a type just like him, so he should just meddle in his own business.[7]

While walking around the 12th Division Barracks, Hiyori becomes irate when she finds the division moving the vast amount of Urahara's personal items. She then gets into another confrontation with him when he tries to be of aid to her. The following day at a division meeting, Urahara details that he had decided to change the policy of the 12th Division, but had yet to determine what course of action he thinks would be a good role for them. Hiyori becomes increasingly angry upon hearing that he was still thinking about it and attacks him. Hiyori then goes and confronts Urahara and challenges him to a fight, which he accepts but asks that they fight hand-to-hand. They prepare to fight and Urahara tells her to attack him from any angle. Upon hearing this, Hiyori goes running at him and kicks him square in the face, although it is shown that Urahara was able to dodge the attack, but instead allowed Hiyori to hit him so as not to embarrass her in front of the other division members present.[8] The following morning, Hiyori arrives at the captain's chamber and becomes enraged at how Urahara had changed the room from its former state. He tries to calm her down and tells her that, in getting to know him, he will get to know her. Not deterred, Hiyori attacks him, but he brushes it aside and asks her to to accompany him to the Maggot's Nest.[9]

Urahara, accompanied by Hiyori, goes to the 2nd Division grounds, where he proceeds to explain to her what the detention unit was and what truly happens to those found under their jurisdiction. He further explains what the Maggot's Nest was and what function it serves. Upon entrance into the facility, Urahara tells her that they are not permitted to leave but they are still free within the facility. He then warns her to be careful as the inmates can become violent. Hiyori asks what they did and Urahara plainly tells her nothing causing Hiyori to question the methods but Urahara quickly explains to her the dangers these inmates can bring and why they were imprisoned. He makes note of the true dealings of what happens to those who withdrawal from service in the Gotei 13. Urahara then explains that though the people in the facility are possibly dangerous, he had always felt that given a suitable outlet they could channel their power into something more productive. When one of the inmates tries to attack Hiyori she realizes she can't fight as she left her Zanpakutō behind, the inmate was easily stopped by Urahara who apologizes as he noticed she left her Zanpakutō behind and chose to say nothing, he then makes note that in the facility they are not allowed to carry weapons so hand-to-hand combat mastery was key.[10] This prompts the other inmate to attack, but Urahara easily defends himself and takes out all his attackers much to Hiyori's surprise.[11] Urahara then tells Hiyori they were going to meet the only inmate that was so dangerous he requires his own cell, Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Urahara then asks him if he wants to leave the Maggot's Nest.[12] Mayuri and Hiyori get into a small argument where Urahara explains that she was his lieutenant and then asks Mayuri for an answer to his proposition. He then explains that in his capacity as the captain of the 12th Division he had decided to make an organization the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, and that he want him to be its Vice-President.[13]
12th Division as they appeared 100 years ago

9 years after his promotion there were reports of people disappearing in the forests of Rukongai. That morning Urahara, Hiyori and Mayuri were greeted by Shinji and his lieutenant Sōsuke Aizen. While Shinji engages in a childish fight and argument with Hiyori, Aizen ask Urahara if he had heard the news to which Urahara tells him he hasn't. Shinji proceeds to take up the tale and tells Urahara about the series of strange deaths having taken place in Rukongai. Shinji also informs him that the 9th Division had been sent to handle the investigation.[14] Later that night Hiyori gets into a argument with Mayuri and calls for Urahara to settle the situation. He explains to her that with the disappearances occurring he had created a new type of Gigai. Before Hiyori can respond they were interrupted by the arrival of Todō the 6th Seat of the 9th Division. Urahara agrees to send a researcher over to the investigation site as per the request of Captain Kensei Muguruma of the 9th Division. Urahara elects Hiyori to go to the site, to which she becomes irate and asks why can't he send someone less important, referring to lab assistant Akon. He questions if she should continue being a lieutenant prompting Hiyori to attack him though he simply dodges her. Reluctant Hiyori gives in once Urahara explains that she was the only one that he can trust with the task.[15]

Fearing for his lieutenant's safety, Urahara requested to follow the special investigation team, only to be harshly denied by Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.[16] As a result, Urahara decided to disobey Yamamoto and tried to pursue Hiyori himself with a cloak that could hide his spiritual energy. Before he could leave, however, Urahara was spotted by the current Kidō Corps captain, Tessai Tsukabishi. Although he knew Urahara's plans to defy Yamamoto's orders, Tessai joined him in the search due to his intuition that something bad was going to happen.[17]
Urahara rescues Shinji Hirako.

Later that night, Urahara and Tessai made their timely arrival to stop the 5th Division lieutenant, Sōsuke Aizen, from dispatching his captain. Following the event, Urahara asks Aizen what he was doing there. Aizen plainly answered that he happened to be there upon the situation to help his injured captain. Urahara knew that he was deceiving him as he stated that there were no injuries on the victims; He noted that they were inflicted by a process called "Hollowfication". Surprisingly being happy of Urahara's successful deduction, Aizen proceeded to leave the scene of the crime with his henchmen, stating that "there's nothing more to do there". To stop them from retreating, Tessai performed a high-level Kidō spell against them, only to be countered by Aizen's own, allowing them to escape.[18]
Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi tend to a fallen Shinji.

With the criminals long gone, the duo was left to tend to Shinji and the rest of the victims who were deep in process of Hollowfication. After Urahara admitted that he could possibly help them at his lab, Tessai resolved to use a forbidden Kidō spell to transport them to the 12th Division barracks. In his lab, Urahara tried to reverse the process using his created item, the "Hōgyoku". Unfortunately, it ended up as a failed process, not having the desired effect Urahara expected.[19][20]

The next day, Urahara and Tessai were arrested under the orders of the Central 46 Chambers. It immediately became evident that they had been set up by Aizen, but were given no right to defend themselves and prove their innocence. As a result, they were quickly sentenced with Urahara being sentenced to become Human and to be exiled to the Human World for "committing crimes against researching and invoking forbidden phenomenon" and "deceiving and inflicting grievous injury to fellow Shinigami" and Tessai was sentenced to life imprisonment in a Level 3 detention area for "using forbidden Kidō techniques".[21] However, before any of their sentences could be executed, both were rescued by Yoruichi Shihōin, who brought them to a secret underground area.

In the secluded area, she berated them on how mad she was for not letting her in on their plan and went on to explain that she had brought the eight Hollowfied Shinigami, along with the prototype for the new Gigai that Urahara was working on. With that epiphany, Urahara resolved to make ten Reiatsu-blocking Gigai to aid him, Tessai, and the eight victims escape to the Human World, where they would find a way to undo the Hollowfication process.[22]

Urahara is also acquainted with Isshin Kurosaki and Ryūken Ishida.[23]
edit Plot
Agent of the Shinigami arc
Rukia visits Urahara at his shop

After Rukia Kuchiki gives all her powers to Ichigo Kurosaki, Urahara appears and gives Rukia a special Gigai.[24] He is, however, first seen at his shop greeting Tessai, Jinta and Ururu after waking up from his nap. He welcomes Rukia Kuchiki to his store and tells her that they just received a new shipment of goods from Soul Society. Rukia buys some maintenance material for her Gigai and Urahara questions her noting that to many can affect her health. Rukia explains that she has been having difficulty with her Gigai and that its recently become harder to move. He asks her if she would like an overhaul but she refuses. Urahara asks if she will be paying with credit but Rukia wants to pay in Bounty Points. Urahara takes a look revealing that Fishbone D, Hexapodus, and Acidwire are so low-level they are not even on the bounty list but she gets 5,000 Kan for Shrieker, who was a dangerous Hollow. Rukia asks Urahara if her package has arrived yet and he presents it to her for her package, noting that it was very hard to get due to its popularity.[25]
Urahara arrives to retrieve Kon

Kisuke tells Ururu to bring the order from storage, saying that it is in a box marked "new stuff". Ururu finds presents a Gikongan dispenser to Rukia, but Urahara later discovers that the box is actually marked with "poor merchandise", and contained Kon.[26] When Jinta starts correcting Ururu and pulling her hair, Kisuke tells him to stop, saying that it is his fault for not disposing of it.[27] Ururu apologizes to Kisuke, saying that it is her fault and asks him if he is mad. Urahara reaches out to her, causing her to recoil. He places his hand on her head, and tells her that it is no big deal and asks why she is crying. He says that they are a team and not to worry about it, as he will take care of it. Kisuke comforts her as she continues to cry. Tessai informs Urahara that they are ready, and the four set out to recover the merchandise.[28] They find Kon with Ichigo and Urahara removes the mod-soul from Ichigo's body and proceeds to take back the faulty merchandise. Rukia takes back Kon and tells Urahara he isn't defective and that she is happy with the merchandise. Realizing that he works outside of Soul Society law, he can deny all knowledge of the merchandise as he isn't responsible for it.[29]
Urahara and Tessai at the filming of Don Kanonji's show

During Don Kanonji's visit to Karakura Town, Kisuke accompanies Tessai, Jinta and Ururu to the abandoned hospital where he is filming his TV show. When Ichigo and Rukia are restrained by the security personal, Kisuke transforms Ichigo into his Shinigami form and tells him not to be distracted from dealing with the Earth-bound Plus. When Rukia asks what he is scheming, Urahara replies that Ururu and Jinta love Don Kanonji's show and they wanted to watch it in person no matter what, leaving him with no choice but to bring them to the live filming. He says that he ran over when he heard Rukia's shrieks from far away. Rukia denies that she shrieks, but the security personal approach Kisuke, asking him if he knows Rukia and Ichigo, requesting that he talk about it away from the others. Kisuke sets off a memory erasing device in the guard's face and, along with Rukia and Tessai (carrying Ichigo's body), runs away. Rukia reprimands him for using Soul Society's tools so freely, but Kisuke remarks that he had no choice as he did not want to get mixed up in her trouble. Rukia retorts that he is the one who stuck his nose into her business.[30] Kisuke continues to watch Ichigo's progress from the crowd and states that it is just as he had thought: both wonderful and terrible. He then asks what should be done.[31] When Ichigo drags Kanonji inside the hospital to draw the Hollow that is attacking them away from the crowd, Kisuke comments that he does fight as he had thought.[32]

Sometime later Rukia shows up at Urahara's Shop irate that he hasn't been answering her calls. Kisuke apologizes, saying that they have been busy and the store has often been left empty. When Jinta remarks that it is better that Ichigo is not with her, Kisuke tells him to stop. Rukia then asks him for a small favor.[33] Rukia asks Urahara if he has ever heard of the Quincy. He is somewhat surprised having not heard of them for a long time. Tessai interjects stating that for him its probably been roughly 200 years since he has heard of them. Rukia does not quite understand and demands answers, Urahara then proceeds to reveal their history to her.[34][35][36]

After noticing the increasing amount of Hollows appearing in Karakura Town Rukia rushes off and Urahara goes in attends to other business as well. When Orihime Inoue collapses after using her newly acquired Shun Shun Rikka to destroy a Hollow, Urahara arrives on the scene with Tessai Tsukabishi, who is carrying Yasutora Sado.[37] When Orihime wakes up, Sado tells her that Kisuke saved them and asks him to tell him more of what he had said earlier about a power that has awoken within them and its connection to Ichigo.[38] As Urahara explains what's been going on Chad and Orihime are finding it hard to understand or even believe. He then goes on to state how Ichigo is connected to their new powers, further confounding the two. Urahara makes the concept plain by telling them that by being exposed to great spiritual power of Ichigo Kurosaki their natural power was pulled out from the depths of their souls.[39]
Urahara gives Chad and Orihime an explanation

Taking into account the reality that they still can't quite comprehend their situation, Urahara tries to ease their fears and tension by making note that the new turn of events are not a curse and that they have a choice now where there was none. Should they so choose to act or not is entirely up to them now. They are than interrupted by Tessai who states that the Kuumon has begun its convergence, noting that the preparations are complete. Urahara asks Orihime and Chad to come along as he wishes to show them the world they are about to enter and the enemies they must fight.[40] Upon their arrival Tessai, Jinta and Ururu begin dispatching Hollows, lightening the burden on Ichigo and Uryū Ishida.[41] Urahara then details that Ichigo should be focusing on that one particular Hollow that is just about to force its way through the crack.[42] While Uryū Ishida and Ichigo go off to battle the Menos Grande, Urahara stops Rukia from interfering by using a binding spell on her, telling her that the battle will be important to both of them.[43] After the battle, Urahara then asks Tessai to repair the crack in the sky. Tessai removes some equipment from the bag he has been carrying and tells Kisuke that it is not a problem.[44]
Urahara greets Yoruichi

The next day a talking cat called Yoruichi visits Urahara, and the two discuss the two Shinigami chasing Rukia Kuchiki.[45] When the two attempt to capture her, Urahara appears in Ichigo's room and transforms Ichigo into a Shinigami, though he later reveals he only did this to show Ichigo how little a chance he had in fighting against them.[46]

Following Ichigo's loss to Byakuya Kuchiki and Renji Abarai, Urahara appears and heals both Uryū and Ichigo, though he has to take Ichigo to his shop due to the extent of his injuries. While there Ichigo ponders the hopelessness of trying to save Rukia as she is in Soul Society and there is no way to save her since he can't follow. Urahara gives him an option that will allow him to get to Soul Society but only under the condition that he trains to fight properly with him for ten days. Ichigo yells at Urahara making note that he doesn't know when she will be executed they don't have time to train. Urahara knocks Ichigo down with his cane and states that the point he is trying to make is that if he were to go in his current condition Ichigo will be as good as dead. He further notes that with his current skill he wouldn't stand a chance in Soul Society. Urahara explains that Soul Society commonly follows a grace period that lasts a month for the maximum penalty in a convicts execution. It will take 10 days to train him, 7 days to open the door to Soul Society. Therefore Ichigo has 13 days after his arrival in Soul Society to save Rukia.[47] Before Ichigo leaves, Urahara gives Ichigo a special medicine that will heal his wounds at unbelievable speed.[48]

The next day, Ichigo, now fully healed, begins his training with Urahara, who takes him to the underground training camp under his shop. Urahara has Ururu battle Ichigo while Ichigo is in his soul form, so Ichigo will be able to regain some of his speed.[49][50] After Ichigo passes this, Urahara has Tessai cut off Ichigo's Soul Chain, and sends Ichigo into a large hole in the ground that will speed up Ichigo's Encroachment, to force Ichigo into a Shinigami state quickly before Ichigo becomes a Hollow.[51][52]

Three days later, he, Jinta, and Ururu watch as Ichigo begins to transform into a Hollow, and are surprised at the amount of resistance he has.[53] During the process, Ichigo regains his Shinigami abilities, though the very moment he does, his Encroachment ends, giving him both a Shinigami Shihakushō and a Hollow mask. Ichigo, however, removes his mask and becomes a Shinigami.[54]
Urahara contemplating his knocked-off hat

Urahara then begins Ichigo's third test, which has him battling Ichigo, with Ichigo winning if he knocks off his hat.[55] The point of this, however, is so that Ichigo will learn his Shikai. During the battle, Ichigo thinks that Urahara's sword, being from inside his cane, can't be a Zanpakutō, and lets it cut him. This backfires, however, as Urahara reveals it is indeed a Zanpakutō and initiates his own Shikai.[56] Urahara then easily fights off Ichigo with his Shikai, almost killing Ichigo, though Ichigo learns his Zanpakutō's name, Zangetsu, at the last second, and uses a then-unnamed special attack to which Urahara blocks with his Shikai's special ability, though it still knocks off Urahara's hat. Urahara admits that Ichigo is a scary kid and notes that he has passed test three.[57]
Urahara readies the Senkaimon

Two days later Ichigo, Ishida, Orihime and Chad gather at Urahara's Shop in the middle of the night. Urahara greets them and tells them to come in so he can explain how they will get to Soul Society, noting that they should be careful otherwise they might die before even arriving.[58] Urahara then tells them to listen carefully as he is going to give them information that will tell them how to use the Senkaimon correctly. He uses his cane to remove Ichigo's Shinigami self from his body. He then explains the instructions and how the Senkaimon works as well as the dangers involved. Yoruichi presents himself as a guide along the way as the Senkaimon opens. Urahara wishes them well as they leave through the newly created doorway. He momentarily touches the gateway only for his hand to be repelled.[59]

Soul Society arc
Urahara apologizes to Ichigo

Urahara then begins to create a Senkaimon, a tunnel to the Soul Society. Urahara then explains to Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, and Uryū the details of what the gate does and what to expect from its use. Yoruichi then assures them that they will make it through to Soul Society with his guidance.[60] When Ichigo and his companions are gone, Urahara touches the Senkaimon, which repels his hand. He notes to himself that it is now up to Ichigo.[61]

During the confrontation with Sōsuke Aizen on Sōkyoku Hill, Aizen reveals that Urahara was the one who created the Hōgyoku that Aizen seeks and hid it inside Rukia. Going on to explain that the Gigai Urahara gave Rukia was one of Urahara's own design. The Gigai is untraceable and would slowly drain Rukia's Reiatsu and transform her into a Human, hiding the Hōgyoku within her forever.[62] Aizen also claimed that it was the reason Urahara was exiled.[63]

Once they return, Urahara gathers the group on a flying paper transporting them all home. There he reveals his involvement in placing the Hōgyoku within the soul of Rukia and says he knowingly neglected to tell them because he thought it would made them change their mind about saving her. He removes his hat and apologizes to them for his deception and manipulation. After receiving an elbow to the face by Ichigo, he promises to apologize to Rukia.[64]
Bount arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.
Urahara introduces Ririn, Noba, and Kurōdo

Urahara sends three modified souls to train Ichigo, Renji, Rukia, and Ishida to engage as a group in battle situations by pretending to be enemies. It is also at this time that he relays to the group that Uryū no longer has his Quincy powers.[65] At Urahara's Shop, Urahara discusses with Ichigo and his friends the existence of the Bounts, who plan on invading Soul Society. He then orders the modified souls Ririn, Noba, and Kurōdo to go along with Ichigo and friends to help them stop the Bount.[66]

Urahara allows Ishida and Renji to train under his shop. The next day Urahara comes to the conclusion that the two should go and investigate the Bount mansion. He then has Ichigo take the modified souls home with him to develop Bount countermeasures.[67]
Arrancar arc
Urahara and Yoruichi protect Ichigo from Yammy.

When the Arrancar Ulquiorra Cifer and Yammy Riyalgo begin to terrorize Karakura Town, Urahara and Yoruichi show up to save Ichigo from Yammy. After Urahara blocks his punch with his blood mist shield, Yoruichi easily dispatches Yammy, only for the enraged Arrancar to try to attack her with a point blank Cero, but it makes no contact as Urahara counters it with a similar attack to nullify Yammy's. When Yammy becomes confused at the concept of this Urahara decides to show off and sends a blast of spiritual energy from his Zanpakutō toward Yammy, but it is deflected by Ulquiorra with his bare hand. Ulquiorra incapacitates Yammy for his rash actions and brutishness and proceeds to explain to him who it is that he is fighting, the two Arrancar then retreat.[68]

Sometime later Urahara is approached by Chad who asks Urahara to train him.[69] Urahara eventually decides to train Chad by having Renji do so, as his Bankai is not fit for training or lending power to others. Later Urahara is seen observing the training session between Renji and Chad, commenting to himself on how, fighting against a Bankai, will increase Chad's powers, he is still concerned about how Chad's powers are not like a Shinigami's or a Quincy's.[70]
Wonderweiss tries to take Urahara's hat.

Shortly after, Urahara sends Yoruichi to bring Orihime to him.[71] Orihime arrives at the underground training area to speak to Urahara. He proceeds to share with her the details of the coming war between Soul Society and Aizen as they watch Renji and Chad battle. He explains that he called her to him to ask her to stay out of the upcoming battle. He goes on to explain that since Tsubaki was destroyed in her confrontation with Yammy days earlier her inability to restore him means she has no means of attack. Therefore he cannot naturally allow her to participate in the battle. Chad immediately disagrees with the assessment, saying she is their friend and helped in Soul Society and she still has healing and defensive abilities that are more important than attacking. Urahara reminds him that Orihime is still a human and the 4th Division will be on the front line, as they possess healing abilities and combat abilities. Orihime breaks up the argument by agreeing with Urahara and thanking him for being honest with her. In truth this was an attempt to hide Orihime from Aizen's view so that the latter cannot kidnap her, though this plan fails.[72]
Urahara about to end the fight with Yammy Riyalgo.

During the second Arrancar incursion into Karakura Town Urahara shows up in time to save 10th Division lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, from being impaled by the 6th Espada Luppi, by severing his tentacle. After introducing himself he is seemingly almost attacked by Wonderweiss Margera only to bat the Arrancar away using a blast of spiritual energy from his Zanpakutō.[73] Wonderweiss proceeds to fire a spiritual energy blast that even Urahara has never seen, but Urahara dodges it only to be hit by another blast from behind. As Urahara falls from the sky Yammy is revealed to be his attacker and laughs as he explains the attack was a Bala a weaker but faster version of a Cero. He then proceeds to fire multiple blasts at Urahara's falling body.[74]

Urahara then appears behind Yammy unscathed, taunting him, enraging the Espada. Yammy asks him how he was able to survive and proceeds to send another volley of Bala blasts at him. Urahara easily uses Shunpo and appears behind Yammy and hold his Zanpakutō to the Espada's throat. He explains that he has seen him fire off tons of the blasts, and won't be hit by them anymore. Concluding that Yammy can't figure out how Urahara was hit by the blasts and not hurt. Urahara then shows that he had been using a portable Gigai as a decoy. Yammy again becomes enraged and begins to charge a Bala blast. Urahara effortlessly negates the blast with his Zanpakutō, and explains that the blast will no longer work against him having sufficiently analyzed the spirit particle composition and the Espada's muscle movements allowing him to dodge it. He then tells Yammy they should finish the fight.[75] Before they continue the battle Yammy escapes back to Hueco Mundo after Ulquiorra successfully captures Orihime.[76]
Hueco Mundo arc
Urahara makes the incantation to open a Garganta

After Orihime is captured, Urahara opens a Garganta for Ichigo, Chad, and Uryū to enter Hueco Mundo to rescue her. Upon their departure Urahara makes it known that he is aware of the presence of Ichigo's three friends from school, telling them to come out from hiding. He then tells them he has a job for them.[77]
Urahara retrieves Kon

Following Ichigo's departure, Urahara retrieves Ichigo's body and Kon's mod soul pill and places Kon inside Ichigo's body. He then asks Kon to take over Hollow hunting while Ichigo is away. Kon initially refuses but Urahara convinces him by reminding him that women like heroes. When Kon agrees, Urahara straps on a special wrist watch on Kon that will help him transform into the Karakura-Raizer. Urahara then sends Kon out to fight hollows as he monitors his progress from his shop and communicates with him using the watch.[78]
Urahara puts the human to sleep

As Kon runs into problems, he is rescued by the rest of the Karakura-Raizer Team and it is revealed that in addition to Kon, Urahara has also recruited Don Kanonji, Tatsuki, Chizuru, Keigo and has sent Ururu to assist as well. As the team dispatches the low level Hollows plaguing the town, an Arrancar appears in a floating giant fortress. Urahara analyses the fortress for the group and reveals that it is made up of Hollows fused together and to destroy it, they must strike at the heart of the fortress. He then sends the group to fight the Arrancar and destroy the fortress. He appears just in time to disintegrate the remains of the Hollow fortress as it starts to crash to the town below. As Kon in Ichigo's human body falls asleep along with the other humans, Urahara thanks the group for their effort and reveals that he used the time to set up the Tenkai Kecchu without the Hollows noticing him.[79]

Meanwhile in Hueco Mundo it was revealed by Kenpachi that Urahara was given some orders by Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto: to create a Garganta that will allow some of Soul Society's forces to enter Hueco Mundo, and to prepare the remaining forces for Sōsuke Aizen's eventual invasion of Karakura Town.[80]
The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Urahara notices a shortage of a particular type of spirit particle, and he begins to think it has something to do with the Kasumiōji clan.[81]

Sometime later Urahara is seen presiding over a soccer tournament between Rurichiyo Kasumiōji, Ryūsei Kenzaki, Rusaburō Enkōgawa, Ichigo, and his friends.[82]
Fake Karakura Town arc

It is explained that Urahara's major job for preparations of the coming war involved making it possible for the Gotei 13 to battle in Karakura Town. He accomplished this by creating a device called the Tenkai Kecchu which allowed him to swap the real Karakura town with an elaborate duplicate made by Mayuri Kurotsuchi's of the 12th Division.[83]
Urahara joins the fight.

Later, as Sōsuke Aizen reveals the true nature of the Hōgyoku, Urahara attacks him from behind piercing Aizen's shoulder, revealing himself to all those present.[84]
Urahara's seal forces Aizen into a column of light.

Urahara mentions that its been a long time since last they met and takes note of the extraordinary form Aizen has taken. Aizen states that it's nothing as midway through "evolution" is always ugly. Urahara clarifies that no one has said he is ugly and notes that Aizen has fused with the Hōgyoku. Aizen explains that it is not fusion, saying that he subjugated the Hōgyoku, which Urahara had failed to master. Urahara glares down at Aizen and remarks that it is true he was unable to master it in the past. Aizen questions his statement, saying that he must be unable to admit defeat. He then retracts the question making note that it shouldn't be the question. He then uses Shunpo to move so fast that before Urahara can react Aizen has impaled him in the chest with his Zanpakutō. Aizen then tells him that he has already forever lost the chance to command the Hōgyoku. Urahara's body then bursts like a balloon as Urahara appears behind Aizen and places his palm against his back as he uses Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō. Aizen notes that he has seen the use of the portable Gigai decoy tactic in Yammy's report. He admits he let his guard down as he never thought Urahara would use such a petty trick. He then inquires what will Urahara do now that he has been constricted with "this meager Bakudō". Urahara then asks how much it will take before it is not meager and follows up in quick secession Bakudō #63. Sajo Sabaku and Bakudō #79. Kuyō Shibari, further immobilizing Aizen. Urahara then begins an incantation with Aizen asking whether he really thinks he will let him use that Kidō spell, but Urahara tells him it is too late as he initiates Hadō #91. Senjū Kōten Taihō. After the smoke explosion dissipates Urahara remarks that Aizen has truly let down his guard because of his new found power. Aizen appears behind him unharmed and notes that he is right. Urahara moves to react but Aizen slashes his right shoulder with his bare hand, wounding him. Aizen then tells Urahara that there is no need for him to be on guard, as he the Hōgyoku is causing his abilities to strengthen. He remarks that his strength exceeds that of his old self and he is now invincible, so does not need to dodge a level 90 Kidō any more. Urahara then states that he was not talking about dodging the Kidō, what he meant was that in the past Aizen would never have come into physical contact with him twice without a plan. Aizen is suddenly trapped by spiritual energy cuffs at his wrists. He stares in shock as Urahara explains that it is a seal, which blocks off the reiatsu vents located in the wrists of all Shinigami. He tells Aizen that he will be incinerated by his own reiatsu from the inside out, as Aizen is enveloped in a column of light.[85]

As Ichigo calls out to him, Urahara notes that it would be cute if that is all it took to finish things, as in that case he would be just like any other monster. Aizen emerges from the explosion unscathed and further transformed. He instantly appears between Urahara, Isshin, and Ichigo and comments to Urahara about how he used a level-90 Kidō spell as a decoy to draw his attention in order to seal him with his own original technique would have worked had it been anyone else but him. He then corrects himself stating had he not implanted the Hōgyoku in his body and subdued it the battle would have been over. He then reaches in through the covering of his wrist and pulls out a bracelet, stating that unfortunately for him the Hōgyoku he created was beyond his comprehension. Therefore, the technique Urahara most likely created solely for the battle with him was also incapable of reaching him. Urahara unsheathes and releases his Zanpakutō prompting Aizen to ask him if since his techniques did not work, he now intends to use power against him. Isshin comes up from behind and Aizen attempts to attack them both at once but he is quickly blocked as they both simultaneously entangle his sword hand and one of his ankles and stretching him into an awkward position. Aizen demands to know what is going on as Yoruichi Shihōin, wearing armor on her arms and legs, attacks him from above. She smashes into his back with such force that it destroys the surrounding area and then she lands a direct punch with even more force, causing damage to an entire block. Urahara then yells for Yoruichi to move away. Aizen quickly recovers and before Yoruichi can fully dodge his counterattack he destroys the armor on Yoruichi's left leg. As Aizen emerges from the rubble with his new form severely cracked, he asks them if this all they have. Stating that they better hurry up and make the next move as he plans on crushing them all one by one into tiny fragments down to the very last remnant.[86]
Kisuke binds Aizen with Shibari, Benihime.

Aizen admits that the level to which they have all gone to in order to defeat him is proof of their strength and effort but also their hope. He then vows to destroy all three of them.[87] Urahara notes that the steel gloves Yoruichi is wearing were specially made to counter Hierro, and he never thought they would be destroyed so easily. The comment causes him and Yoruichi to get into a minor playful argument about the quality of the armor. Aizen himself comments on the armor but dismisses it, stating that it doesn't matter as all it will eventually be destroyed regardless. Urahara notes to Yoruichi that Aizen is coming, she informs him that she knows and Urahara asks her if she can go. Yoruichi asks him what he is talking to for as long as Aizen hits any place other then her left leg she'll have nothing to worry. Urahara looks on as Aizen moves to attack Yoruichi.[88] Aizen's attack breaks the armor on Yoruichi's right arm prompting Urahara to ask her if she's alright. The two enter another minor argument about the quality of the armor, Urahara then notices Aizen staring and questions what he is look at. Aizen states he is looking at him, he further explains that he believes that using the worried act is all part of Urahara's plan. Urahara questions this stating he thought Aizen didn't caution himself anymore. Aizen counters it isn't caution just observation, as Urahara is the only being within Soul Society who is beyond his intellect. Even if they are no longer equal in power, he still has interest in him. Urahara tells him he is making too much of him and plainly states that all he is these days is the poor owner of a small-time candy store. He then releases Hadō #32. Ōkasen from the tip of his Zanpakutō. Aizen effortlessly blocks the spell and then blocks an anticipated sneak attack from Yoruichi. When Aizen succeeds in countering Yoruichi he is attacked from above by Urahara, using his Shibari, Benihime technique to capture Aizen and following it with the Hiasobi, Benihime and Juzu Tsunagi techniques. There is a huge explosion but Aizen appears from the explosion stating that the attack was comical and asking if that was Urahara's trump card before he is hit by a point-blank Getsuga Tenshō from Isshin Kurosaki.[89] As Kisuke and Isshin talk, Aizen emerges from the dust and defeats Kisuke, Isshin and Yoruichi.[90]
Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.
Urahara discusses the Zanpakutō rebellion with Ichigo

The injured Rukia is taken to Urahara's shop, where Urahara explains that he has asked Yoruichi to look into what's happening in Soul Society. After Rukia regains conciousness, Urahara asks her to explain what happened. After hearing Rukia's story, Urahara explains the true nature of Zanpakutō and affirms that Benihime too has a true form with which Urahara can communicate to gain more power. At this point Yoruichi returns and reveals what she discovered in Seireitei. After hearing the story Urahara asks Ichigo if he noticed anything different about Zangetsu, Ichigo answer in the negative and Urahara reveals that he too has had no issues with Benihime but that he has been getting reports from Soul Society about Shinigami having issues communicating with their Zanpakutō.[91]

After the still injured Rukia returns to Seireitei in search of Byakuya, Ichigo asks Urahara to send him to Soul Society as well. Urahara agrees and opens a Senkaimon for Ichigo, sending him back with Yoruichi.[91]
Beast Swords arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.
Urahara enjoying the flirty pictures of Rangiku and Haineko

Urahara is visited by Ichigo Kurosaki and Tōshirō Hitsugaya who explain to him that the Tōjū are now in the living world and that they must be stopped. During their conversation, Rangiku Matsumoto and her Zanpakutō spirit come into the shop as well. They show everyone flirty pictures of them in phone booths which Urahara enjoys.[92]

edit Inventions

Having founded the research institute in Soul Society, Kisuke Urahara has developed a number of unique items. The notable ones are below:

* Gikongan (義魂丸, Artificial Soul Pill): More commonly known as Soul Candy, this item is an artificial soul in the form of a green ball of candy. When ingested, it forces the user's soul out of their body. The artificial soul then operates in a pre-programmed manner while inhabiting a body. Its name was changed to "Soul Candy" after its creation because the Shinigami Women Organization complained that the name Gikongan wasn't cute.

* Hōgyoku (崩玉, Crumbling Orb, Viz: "Breakdown Sphere") also referred as The Orb of Distortion: This item is a small orb that, in the beginning, was believed to only be capable of dissolving the boundary between a Shinigami and a Hollow and vice-versa.[93] However, according to Aizen, its true purpose is materializing the inner desires of the people around it.[94]

Urahara uses a Gigai in battle.

* Variations of Gigai: Having experimented with Gigai (義骸, faux body) at length, Urahara has created at least two variations. The most notable one is an untraceable Gigai which drains the user's spiritual power instead of restoring it, effectively making them Human if used long enough.[95] He also developed an inflatable Gigai for use as a decoy in combat.[96]

* Soul-Object Integration: Urahara has developed the technique to bury matter within a soul. The matter can later be removed by either disintegrating the soul around the object, or it can be removed by breaking down the soul's cohesion and allowing the object to be removed without any damage to the soul. He used this technique to hide the Hōgyoku in Rukia's body, and the latter technique allowed Aizen to remove it from there without killing her.[97]

* Reiatsu Suppression Cloak: Urahara has created a cloak that hides his spiritual pressure, seen when he used it to sneak up on Aizen during the Hollowfication of the soon-to-be Vizard.[98]

Yoruichi reveals the Tenshintai.

* Tenshintai (転神体, lit. "Change [Death] God Body", Viz: "Divine Transfer Body"): Artifact belonging to the Onmitsukidō, but invented and tested by Urahara. The item is a vaguely human-shaped, man-sized doll used to forcibly materialize the spirit of a Zanpakutō into the real world when stabbed by the Zanpakutō. In doing so, the user can subjugate the spirit and attain the Bankai of their Zanpakutō. The materialization lasts for about three days, after which the spirit reverts back into the doll that spawned it. Without this invention, achieving the Bankai takes at least ten years, not to mention the many years of combat experience needed. This method, however, is very dangerous due to the fact that it forcibly materializes the Zanpakutō's spirit. If used more than three times consecutively, it is possibly fatal to the user.[99][100]

* Tenkai Kecchu (転界結柱, World-Shifting Binding-Posts): a device which creates an enormous one spiritual unit of area radius Senkaimon bound by four linked points. When activated the device swaps something that it encircles with something else in Soul Society.[101]

* Karakura-Raiser Transformation Watch: A watch shown in a filler arc made to give to Kon to protect Karakura Town in Ichigo's absence. The watch has the following features:[102]

* Transformation: The watch's main function, it covers Kon in a puff of smoke as gives him a superhero outfit designed by Uryū. Despite its flashy appearance, the suit has little to offer, it gives the user no increases in strength or speed, nor does it give the wearer the ability to fly.

* Raiser Beam: The only effective weapon in the suit. Kon spells out Raiser with his body then slaps his hands together to emit a beam strong enough to kill a large Hollow. However, this attack takes up a lot of energy and can only be used once per transformation.

* Communicator: The watch also serves as a communicator between Kon and Urahara.

* Electrocute: Urahara can also have the watch shock Kon if he disobeys his orders.

* Anti-Hierro Armor: A protective armor designed especially to engage in direct battle with enough durability to smash through an Arrancar's Hierro. It is also rather effective defensively, able to protect the wearer's said body part from damage, even if the armor itself is destroyed in the process.[103]

edit Powers & Abilities

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Despite his appearance, Urahara is an extremely skilled fighter, using a combination of powerful attacks and cunning deceptions. His abilities have been considered highly dangerous by Ulquiorra Cifer, the 4th Espada. While formally being part of the unarmed-combat specializing Special Forces, Urahara's preferred style of combat seems to be swordsmanship. Despite this, he is shown highly adept in combining his hand-to-hand skills with his swordsmanship. While fighting, his preferred methods of attack are to take advantage of his great agility, striking from various angles to confuse his opponent.[104] His skills in combat have been repeatedly shown as very high, as he was able to keep Ichigo constantly on his toes during their training session despite Ichigo's much bigger blade. His skills also allow him to rarely ever rely on more than his Shikai as shown when fighting Yammy, an Espada-level Arrancar. He achieved Bankai within a short time (through a process he devised) relying on the sheer skill of his ability to wield his Zanpakutō against its own spirit.[105][106][107]

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: As the former corps commander of the Detention Unit of the Onmitsukidō, he was not allowed to use weapons so he was required to become highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat. His skills in this area have been seen great enough to force even the likes of Yoruichi to fight seriously as shown from one of their regular sparing sessions. During his days as a Shinigami, while only a third seat officer at the time, his skills were great enough to effortlessly take down several Shinigami-deserters unarmed.[108][109]

Flash Steps Master: As the former 3rd seat of the 2nd Division and a Special Forces unit commander, Urahara has an exceptional understanding and skill in the use of Flash Steps even being so fast that an opponent does not notice when he replaces himself with a portable Gigai as a means of misdirection, further demonstrated when he used this tactic effectively against Aizen.[110] In addition, the fact that he was always able to keep up with Yoruichi's speed during sparring sessions is further proof of his high mastery in this skill.[111]
Kisuke using Hadō #91, Senjū Kōten Taihō.

Kidō Master: Being the former head of the Shinigami Research Institute, Urahara has considerable knowledge of Kidō. During Uryū and Ichigo's fight against a Gillian-class Menos, Urahara effortlessly restrained Rukia with a low-level Kidō without incantation.[112] Urahara has shown the knowledge of how to break barriers set up by the spiritually superior noble families that even captains are incapable of naturally breaking.[113] Urahara has further shown his masterful skill in Kidō using level 61, 63, and 79 Bakudō spells in quick succession of each other without the use of incantation followed by a level 91 Hadō spell, though the Hadō spell did require an incantation to ensure the spell was powerful enough to accomplish Urahara's goal.[114] He is also shown himself capable of making high-level seals undetected until the trap is sprung.[115] Aizen himself admitted that had it not been for the assistance of the Hōgyoku, Kisuke's Kidō prowess would have surely defeated him.[116]

* Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), Garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity"): The technique allows one to move between dimensions (e.i. from the living world to Hueco Mundo and vice-versa). Urahara has demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. The incantation he used is: "My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds. My left hand is the blade that binds reality. The black-haired shepherd is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis."[117]

Master Scientist/Inventor: As the founder and former head of the Shinigami Research Institute, Urahara is a talented inventor and scientist, having created a number of devices or techniques to aid him in battle or otherwise. His high intellect is evident in this field having created the most amazing things in Soul Society's history. As he has been inventing and creating things since the time before becoming a seated member in the 2nd division. His knowledge has led him to an innate understanding of the abilities of others as well as what happens when independent variables are entered into an equation.

Master Strategist & Tactician: Despite his aloof and unkempt appearance, Urahara has repeatedly shown himself to be a very insightful and cunning man. He also possesses great intuition, able to quickly become aware of any incoming danger and react to it in time.[118] After Orihime inadvertently revealed her powers to Ulquiorra, Urahara correctly deduced that Aizen would try and use Orihime against the Soul Society. Kisuke has an undeniable talent for thinking things well in advance as well, make decisive and accurate decisions quickly in battle, and able to perceive any situation at hand. Aizen acknowledges Kisuke's intelligence surpasses his own intellect.[119] He generally has shown himself to also be a crafty tactician from how easily he can deceive both allies and enemies. He has also shown to be a very perceptive and analytical man from how quickly he can analyze an opponent's power and attack patterns to ultimately make them useless against him. He easily outmaneuvers and tricks Aizen on two instances in his fight with him.[120]

Enhanced Strength: Urahara's physical prowess has been shown to go beyond flashy skills. During his time as commander of the Detention Unit, he was shown able to effortlessly stop a punch from a giant of a man with a single hand.[121] During his training with Ichigo, his strikes showed enough power to create rather large craters and easily launch the younger fighter several meters and through solid rock.[122]

Enhanced Speed: Kisuke has demonstrated tremendous speed and reflexes in battle. Even when caught by surprise from an enemy's attack, he is shown able to react in time to skillfully dodge or counter the assault.[123] Offensively, he is shown able to keep up quick and rapid assault that forces most opponents on the defense as he leaves no openings in his attacks.[124]

Enhanced Agility: Despite his more laid-back attitude, Kisuke is an immensely agile fighter. In battle, he can effectively use his agility to use the battlefield to his advantage, jumping from wall to wall to keep his opponents unsure of his attack patterns. Offensively, his agility grants him great dexterity in battle, able to attack his opponent from various angles with great accuracy and force.[125]

Enhanced Durability: While not having the most imposing of appearances, Kisuke has shown himself able to take large amounts of punishment. During his days as captain of the 12th Division, he would regularly be assaulted by his then-lieutenant Hiyori Sarugaki. Each time, he would take the assaults indifferently, if not laugh about it, with little to no real affect on himself. His durability even caused Hiyori to be more careful about how she would hit him, if she didn't want to hurt herself instead.[126]

Master Assassin: As a former high-ranking member of the Special Forces, Kisuke has high mastery in the art of assassination. He has repeatedly shown impressive skill in staying hidden and unseen while maneuvering to his target. During his battle against Yammy, he repeatedly was able to catch his opponent completely by surprise. [127] Even the likes of the perceptive and intuitive Aizen was caught by surprise.[128]

Immense Spiritual Energy: As the former captain of the 12th Division Urahara boasts a great amount of spiritual energy. His energy is intense enough to make opponents also with high levels of energy sweat in fear.[129] When releasing his spiritual pressure, it can cause a shockwave strong enough to affect a considerable radius.[130]
Benihime in its sword-cane sealed state.

Benihime (紅姫, Crimson Princess; "Red Princess" in the English dub): has been described by Urahara as "not nice" as well as being one of the few known Zanpakutō with a female spirit (being owned by a male). When sealed, Benihime takes the form of a shikomizue (a blade hidden inside Urahara's cane). Because it resides in a cane, its hilt is still the handle of the cane, so it looks different from most Zanpakutō.[131] Flashbacks of when he served in the Gotei 13 show that Benihime was originally sealed in an ordinary katana-form with a oval-shaped crossguard and black hilt-wrapping.[132] The shaft of the cane also bears a skull and flame mark at its base, much like that of the Shinigami glove, also capable of separating a soul from the body.[133]

Benihime in its Shikai state.

* Shikai: The Shikai command of Benihime is "Awaken" (起きろ, okiro). Benihime's Shikai takes the form a sleek, medium-sized sword. It has a crimson tassel dangles on the end of the hilt, with has a gentle decorative bend. Instead of a crossguard, there is a U-shaped decoration covers the first three or four inches of blade, with a flower petal design right as it meets the string-crossguard. It also has a red decorative string wrapped thrice around the hilt, with a three-loop bow on one side and a folded paper decoration on the other. Benihime's blade is straight and slim, though somewhat short, with the tip ending in a slanted razor-like edge instead of being tapered to a point.[134][135]

Shikai Special Ability: Benihime is capable of producing various crimson-colored energy techniques. Kisuke can perform these abilities of Benihime's by a variety of different verbal commands that corresponds to its different abilities.[136][137][138]

Benihime's Nake technique.

* Nake, Benihime (啼け紅姫, Sing, Crimson Princess; "Scream" in the English dub): This technique is Benihime's offensive ability. It fires particularly strong and destructive crimson-colored energy blasts. He is also shown to control these blasts, and can even change the shape, size, and intensity of them. This ability was powerful enough to match Ichigo's improvised Getsuga Tenshō without tiring and easily cancel out Cero and Bala blasts from the Espada Yammy Riyalgo by striking it head-on with this attack after he was able to study the amount of power it took to use it.[139][140]

Chikasumi no Tate.

* Chikasumi no Tate (血霞の盾, Blood Mist Shield): Benihime's defensive ability forms an hexagonal-shaped "blood mist shield" in front of Urahara. The barrier is called out with the same command as the offensive attack. The barrier is able to easily block a direct punch from the immensely strong Yammy Riyalgo with no repercussions to Urahara[141] and block Ichigo's first use of his Getsuga Tenshō while only slightly eroding, after which Urahara comments that he would have lost an arm were it not for the shield.[142][143]

Benihime's Shibari technique binding Aizen.

* Shibari, Benihime (縛り紅姫, Binding, Crimson Princess): This technique condenses the energy observed in Benihime's previous abilities into the form of a tangible net, emanating from the blade's tip that can be subsequently manipulated in order to bind and restrict an opponents movements.[144]

Benihime's Hiasobi technique combining with Shibari...

* Hiasobi, Benihime (火遊紅姫, Fire-Playing, Crimson Princess): The energy typically emitted from Benihime takes on explosive properties while this ability is in effect, resulting in the production of highly destructive blasts when the volatile material comes into contact with its intended target. This ability is used to "place" these destructive orbs like landmines, which can then be linked together.[145] create Juzu Tsunagi.

* Juzutsunagi (数珠繋, Beaded Mesh): By piercing a previously fabricated energy formation created during one of Benihime's other techniques, for instance Shibari Benihime, it can be further infused with the significant amount of combustible power created by Hiasobi Benihime creating a tremendously large and devastating explosion.[146]

* Bankai: Not yet revealed, but has been vaguely commented upon. Yoruichi comments that Urahara managed to learn Bankai using the very same three day method he created.[147] When Yasutora Sado comes to Urahara for training, he instead gives the task to Renji Abarai, remarking that Chad needs to face the strength of a Bankai to improve. When Renji asks why Urahara, who also possesses Bankai, does not train Chad himself, he states that his Bankai is not fit for training or helping others.[148]

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im..did i...


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11 Re: Kisuke Urahara (浦原 喜助 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:41 am

Shawn Kun

副キャプテン Fukutaicho
He he Razz

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12 Re: Kisuke Urahara (浦原 喜助 on Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:23 pm

Kuchiki Amira

九番隊隊長 Kyubantai Taicho


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13 Re: Kisuke Urahara (浦原 喜助 on Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:51 pm

Shawn Kun

副キャプテン Fukutaicho
Your not Canadian Mira chan.... No

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14 Re: Kisuke Urahara (浦原 喜助 on Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:20 pm

Kuchiki Amira

九番隊隊長 Kyubantai Taicho
im Asian....


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15 Re: Kisuke Urahara (浦原 喜助 on Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:16 am

Shawn Kun

副キャプテン Fukutaicho
See Razz

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