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Jai (ジャィ

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1 Jai (ジャィ on Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:47 pm

Toushiro Hitsugaya

十番隊隊長 Jūbantai Taicho

Jai wore the standard armor of the Dark Ones, and had the darkest skin complexion. His most notable feature was the fact that he never opened his eyes until his fight with Rukia Kuchiki, and even then it was only for a few moments.
edit Personality

Out of all the qualities shown, Jai appeared to be brutish, rash, ignorant and arrogant.
edit History

The Dark Ones were once a part of the Fallen House of Ryōdoji, exiled 1000 years ago to the Dangai Precipice World. Amazingly, the group somehow managed to avoid the deadly current flowing through the entire Dangai, and resided there for many years. It was in this world that Jai, along with the rest of the clan, discovered the souls that evaded transmigration and turned into wandering ghosts: The Blanks. The Dark Ones learned to harness the Blanks as an energy source for their own power learning all the information there is about Blanks, and formulated a plan for revenge against Soul Society. Some time before the events of the film take place, Jai's clan came to the Valley of Screams where they continued to reside.
edit Plot
Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Jai is first seen at Ganryū's side, within the mass of Blanks at Karakura Town. Later he is ordered by Ganryū to "escort" Senna to him. Jai attacks her in an attempt to capture her when his fellow Dark Ones confront her, but is interrupted when Ichigo Kurosaki arrives and cuts off his arm (which he later regenerates using the Blanks). He fights Ichigo a second time, proving more powerful than before, and sporting an extra hand-blade. Their fight is cut short when his leader captures the Memory Rosary, which causes him to fall back. Jai and the other Dark Ones try to prevent Ichigo from reaching Senna after he releases his Bankai, but cannot keep up; Fortunately he is quickly defeated when he attacks Ganryū. Later when Ichigo goes to save Senna, he (along with the rest of the Dark Ones) attempt to stop him, fighting alongside Bau. They fight Ichigo, clearly having the advantage only to be interrupted by Lieutenant Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki. He engages Rukia in battle (while Bau fights Renji), and she manages to freeze his body using her zanpakutō; however, it doesn't kill him, for he somehow multiplied himself through his hovering blades. Before he can counterattack Rukia, Byakuya Kuchiki arrives and kills him with his Bankai.[1]
edit Powers & Abilities

Blank Manipulation: Jai was the 3rd most powerful member, focusing completely on Blanks for his attacks; he even used a duplication technique with Blanks that allowed him to survive being frozen and subsequently shattered. This ability was not explained, but apparently the limit of duplicates he can create is 10, including what was believed to be the original Jai killed by Rukia. He was also shown restoring his right arm, and creating numerous blades out of Blanks.[2]

Enhanced Strength: Ichigo mentioned that Jai was "stronger than yesterday," after he absorbed a Blank. Because of his increased strength, he was able to hold back the shinigami with one arm, being far stronger than in their first fight.

Blade Expert: Jai was very efficient in the use of his blade-weapons, able to fight Ichigo Kurosaki in his Shikai state on equal footing. He was able to use Blanks to multiply his blades, and allow them to hover in the air. The maximum amount he could create was 18 (counting all of the duplicates blades together).[3]

Flash Steps User: Though not shown using it in particular, Jai was able to use Shunpo to an extent, as could all of the Dark Ones.

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