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Bau (バウ

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1 Bau (バウ on Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:32 pm

Toushiro Hitsugaya

十番隊隊長 Jūbantai Taicho

Bau wears the same green armor the rest of the Dark One's wear, but he also wears a veil to cover his face. Upon uncovering the veil it is found that he has horrible skin and teeth, making him look very unsightly. He carries two large tetsubos.
edit Personality

Along with most other Dark One's Bau was overconfident leading to him underestimating Renji, stemming from his arrogance. This is also the only occasion that Bau spoke.
edit History

All of the Dark Ones were once a part of the Fallen House of Ryōdoji, exiled 1000 years ago to the Dangai Precipice World. Amazingly, the group somehow managed to avoid the deadly current flowing through the entire Dangai, and resided there for many years. It was in this world that Bau, along with the rest of the clan, discovered the souls that evaded transmigration and turned into wandering ghosts: The Blanks. The Dark Ones learned to harness the Blanks as an energy source for their own power and learned everything about them, eventually formulating a plan for revenge against Soul Society. Bau and the rest of The Dark Ones migrated to the Valley of Screams some time ago.
edit Plot
Memories of Nobody

Bau was first introduced with the rest of the Dark Ones (excluding Ganryū) when Jai attempted to escort Senna to the Valley of Screams. Later on during their second invasion Bau battled against Renji Abarai, gaining the upper hand until he is ordered by Ganryū to leave. After the group captures Senna, Bau stays by his leader's side, until Ichigo infiltrates the Valley of Screams. He and Jai fight Ichigo as a team, clearly having an advantage, until Lieutenant Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki arrive to help. Jai takes on Rukia while Bau fights Renji's Bankai, and seemingly destroys it. Bau believes himself to be the victor, but Hihiō Zabimaru proves far more durable than expected, recovering from the attack as if it never occurred. Bau is killed by Renji shortly after.[1]
edit Powers and Abilities

Blank Manipulation: Like all of the Dark Ones, Bau could manipulate the Blanks for various purposes. He was not seen using them in any unique method other than increasing his strength.

Dual Tetsubos: Bau wields two Tetsubo, similar to the one Jinta Hanakari uses, only bigger and with a different design.

* Explosive Impact: Whenever Bau hits someone with his Giant Tetsubos, an explosion is created between his weapons and the opponent's. He used this ability against Renji, seemingly destroying Hihiō Zabimaru.

Enhanced Strength: Bau is very muscular, and was able to use his strength to overpower a Lieutenant for a moment. His Dual Tetsubo are also very heavy, and to use such equipment effectively in battle shows just how strong he is.

Flash Steps Expert: Bau was able to use Shunpo at least up to the level of a Lieutenant.

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