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[MU] The Avengers: United They Stand [Eng Dub]

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アカデミー Academy

Plot Summary:
This series tells the stories of Marvel Comics greatest general membership superhero teams (as opposed to a family organization like the Fantastic Four or a minority group organization like the X-Men). Led by Hank Pym as Ant-Man and Janet van Dyne as the Wasp, they fight evil around the world and beyond against threats like Ultron.

Audio: English
Format: avi
Total # of Episodes: 13
Encoder: [VPC]

01. Avengers Assemble - Part 1
02. Avengers Assemble - Part 2
03. Kang
04. Comes A Swordsman
05. Remnants
06. Command Decision
07. To Rule Atlantis
08. Shooting Stars[
09. What a Vision Has to Do[
10. Egg-Streme Vengeance
11. The Sorceress's Apprentice
12. Earth and Fire - Part 1
13. Earth and Fire - Part 2

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