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[MU] Battle B-Daman [Eng Dub]

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1 [MU] Battle B-Daman [Eng Dub] on Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:54 am


アカデミー Academy

Plot Summary:
Raised by cats until he was five, Yamato Delgato's only dream was to play B'Daman-the official sport of the B'DaWorld. However, his dream comes true when he's chosen to wield the most powerful B'Daman ever; the legendary Cobalt Blade. Only he has skills to harness its power. This is his journey into the world of B'Daman as he learns valuable lessons and also tries to save the B'DaWorld from the evil clutches of the Shadow Alliance.

Audio: English
Format: avi
Size: 175mb
Episodes: 52


01. Cobalt Blade
02. B-Dabattle Mountain
03. Something to Crow About
04. Ice to Meet You
05. Gray and the Blues
06. Yamato and Terrys excellent adventure
07. A fistfull of B-Daballs
08. Yamato vs. the Masked Marble
09. The Bull Supremacy
10. The Bull Identity
11. Monkey business
12. Invasion of the B-Dasnachers
13. Hog Wild
14. Thats what friends are for
15. The good the bad and the B-Daplayer
16. Everybodys got a hungry heart
17. Theres B-Dabattle in my soup
18. The karat question
19. Watt are you waiting for
20. With a little help from my friends
21. Great B-Daballs of fire
22. The rapid and powerful
23. Who`s who
24. Twisted sister act
25. Thats no B-Daman, thats my sister
26. Cobalt Saber
27. For a few B-Balls more
28. High stakes
29. Hurry up and wait
30. All about Enjyu
31. And the winner is
32. The return of the B-Daplayer
33. Enraging bull
34. Rebel without a B-Daman
35. The good the bad the B-Daman
36. Yamato versus the Masked Marble part 2
37. The lions den
38. Food fight
39. The B-Dawinds of change
40. Over troubled water
41. They call me Yamato
42. Lake B-Daman
43. With friends like these
44. Meet the Neo Shadow Alliance
45. B-Dabreakdown part 1
46. B-Dabreakdown part 2
47. Bright lights Neon City
48. Everybody wants to rule the B-Daworld
49. Into the Neo Shadow Den
50. The largest B-Dabattle
51. B-Dastorm
52. In search of greatness

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