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[MU] Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot [Eng Dub]

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アカデミー Academy

Plot Summary:
The animated series, produced by Columbia TriStar Television and Dark Horse Entertainment, aired from 1999 to 2001, and in many aspects is a more mature and established series. Whereas the comic book seems like only an introduction to the robots, the animated series is full-fledged with a strong back story which links the episodes together. The plot and setting of the series is different from the comic book as the whole story is based around New Tronic City, a fictional American city clearly modeled after New York City. The series focuses on Rusty, the most advanced robot ever built, with a human emotional grid and "nucleoprotonic" powers. The plan is that Rusty will replace the Big Guy, a massive war robot that is the Earth's last line of defence against all threats alien or domestic. However, Rusty is too inexperienced to stand on his own, so the Big Guy is re-commissioned to teach Rusty the ways of the trade. Rusty idolizes the Big Guy, regarding him as the best robot ever. In reality, the Big Guy is actually a mindless battle suit piloted by Lieutenant Dwayne Hunter, who poses as his chief mechanic. The Big Guy's secret is known only to a few, and many situations involve Lt. Hunter's clever and impromptu excuses to hide the fact from Rusty for two reasons: that the truth could overload Rusty's emotional grid; and Rusty has trouble keeping secrets.

Audio: English
Format: mpg
Size: 210mb
Episodes: 26
(TV Rips)

01. Creatures, Great and Small
02. Out of Whack
03. The Inside Scoop
04. Birthday Bash
05. The Reluctant Assassin
06. Really Big Guy
07. Little Boy Robot Lost
08. The Bicameral Mind
09. The Inside Out
10. Moon Madness
11. Wages of Fire
12. The Big Boy
13. World of Pain
14. Sibling Mine
15. Blob, Thy Name Is Envy
16. Donovan's Brainiac
17. Patriot Games
18. Harddrive
19. 5000 Fingers of Rusty
20. The Champ
21. Sickout
22. Nephew of Neugog
23. The Lower Depths
24. Double Time (1)
25. Double Time (2)
26. Rumble in the Jungle

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