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[MU] Naruto Jump Special- The Cross Roads [MKV]

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総隊長, Sōtaichō

Title: Naruto Jump Tour 09
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Total Runtime: 0:26:53
File info: 640 x 352 | AVC1 (24fps) | MKV | AAC - 128kbps | 60 MB
Genre: Anime

Anime Info

Naruto Jump Tour 09 - The Cross Roads: This episode ia a 3d version or naruto rather than a 2d version, This Episode is an Extra Episode which is not included in Naruto.. This episode happens after the fight with the Zabuza.. Group 7 i.e naruto, sakura, sasuke and Kakashi Hatake gets a B rank mission. So this Episode is about how they finish their mission facing problems, kakashi gets stuck inside a seal and gets seperated from the squad, Sakura gets abducted by the enemy, Naruto and Sasuke together retrive sakura thats all..In the end kakashi bumps up.

Download link

[60 MB][Download now][MKV]

Password: myth0z

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