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[MU] Heroic Age[Dual Audio]

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1 [MU] Heroic Age[Dual Audio] on Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:19 am


六番隊隊長 Rokubantai Taicho
Heroic Age

Answering the call of the “Gold Race”, all the sentient races launch into space. The human race is the last to launch, and are thus known as the “Iron Race”. Much time has passed since then, and humanity is threatened with extinction at the hands of the more dominant “Silver Race”. In order to save her people, Princess Deianeira sets out on a journey to a galaxy far away, following the prophecies of the Gold Race handed down by the royal family. Then, she meets a boy named Age. Their encounter will change the fate of the universe...

Audio: English & Japanese
Subtitles: English
File Format: MKV
File Size: 92 MB
Total Number of Episodes: 26
Encoder Group: Exiled-Destiny
Series Production Year: 2007

Episode 1 Star of Destruction
Episode 2 Forgotten Child
Episode 3 Heroic Tribe
Episode 4 Planet Titarros
Episode 5 Nodos
Episode 6 Cemetery Belt
Episode 7 Contract
Episode 8 The Flashing Nodos
Episode 9 Return
Episode 10 Lonely Hero

Episode 11 Shining Star
Episode 12 Engulfing of the Torch
Episode 13 Space-Time Fighting Style
Episode 14 Destructive One
Episode 15 The Time When the Light Dims
Episode 16 Exceeding the Rules
Episode 17 Retaliation Forces
Episode 18 The Day of Victory
Episode 19 Sortie in the System
Episode 20 The Nodos of Darkness

Episode 21 Planet Kodomos
Episode 22 The Contract of Death
Episode 23 The Four
Episode 24 Elysion
Episode 25 The Last Contract
Episode 26 Age

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