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[MU] A.D. Police Files (OVA) [Dual Audio]

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1 [MU] A.D. Police Files (OVA) [Dual Audio] on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:26 pm


アカデミー Academy

Plot Summary:
Leon is a rookie with Jeena as his partner in the ADPolice, an extremely violent, anti-Boomer police division. The first story concerns a mysterious woman from Leon's past that starts to follow him. The second story is about a serial killer who kills prostitutes and visciously eviscerates them. The final story follows Billy who is a cyborg that questions his humanity, as the only flesh he possesses from his original body is his tongue.

Genres - adventure, horror, mystery, science fiction , Mecha
Audio - English , Japanese
Subtitles - English
Format - MKV
File Size - 112mb
Total Episodes - 3

A.D. Police Files (OVA) - Epi -1
A.D. Police Files (OVA) - Epi -2
A.D. Police Files (OVA) - Epi -3

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