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[MU] Ah! My Buddha(85 MB) [Dual Audio]

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1 [MU] Ah! My Buddha(85 MB) [Dual Audio] on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:33 pm


アカデミー Academy

Plot Summary:
Hatanaka Ikko, a 16 year old boy, is a first year trainee at the Saienji Buddhist Temple. He was sent there by his parents to be trained by his grandmother, the Saienji Priestess. At the temple he finds himself surrounded by beautiful female priestesses-in-training. Upon seeing a girl naked, Ikko has the ability to turn into a super-monk, performing massive exorcisms for the good of the temple.

Audio: English & Japanese
Subtitles: English
File Format: MKV
File Size: 85 MB
Total Number of Episodes: 13
Encoder Group: Exiled-Destiny
Series Production Year: 2005

Episode 1 Don`t Awaken!!
Episode 2 Don`t Fool Around!!
Episode 3 Don`t Peek!!
Episode 4 Don`t Be Frightened!!
Episode 5 Don`t Cosplay!!
Episode 6 Don`t Transform!!
Episode 7 Don`t Look For Me!!
Episode 8 Don`t Confess!!
Episode 9 Don`t Sing!!
Episode 10 Don`t Get Me Wet!!
Episode 11 Don`t Irritate Me!!
Episode 12 Don`t Wake Up!!
Episode 13 Don`t Be Sleepy!!

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